[gobolinux-users] Gobolinux Tutorial?

Vojta Grec gobo at morha.com
Sat Nov 25 13:40:03 UTC 2006

Yess, exactly...
Maybe I am dumb or maybe I can't search but I am really not satisfied with
Gobo docs overall (but first I must mention that I don't mean to attack
somebody or so, I'm just sharing my thoughts, well?).
I have posted to the ML thrice (nice word, eh?) already about my need of
i586 port but I didn't still manage to make it run (by one half it's caused
by my lazyness and lack of time, by the second by simply not understanding
Gobo enough to do that). It should run on an ooold notebook (300MHz, 96MB
RAM), so I want a fully scalable distro. Which I thing Gobo is. And Gentoo
too. And the latter has 100+ times better docs. But Gobo has nicer console
font and console tools (colors, hmmm).

Do you get my dilemma now?

So I would like to encourage anybody that knows anything more than me about
Gobo to improve the docs.

Now the constructive ideas:

   - I'm lacking Tutorial too.
   - I'm also lacking some in-depth docs of Gobo booting/working (e.g. is
   AfterBoot <http://gobo.kundor.org/wiki/Afterboot> KB page still
   - For me, the KB is quite chaotic in general (especially in
   comparation to the Wonderful Wiki of Gentoo(TM)).
   - Why the heck there is no manpage for Compile?? (I hope I wrote it
   right, a week ago I run Gobo013 in qemu and was really surprised by lack of
   manpages for Scripts overall; yes, they have --help but I am used to
   manpages)[correct me if I'm wrong].
   - I know Gobo is targeted on experienced users but should be more
   "open" in my opinion (I don't mean kinda click-and-go solutions; I consider
   myself an experienced user (as I use linux (Slackware, Ubuntu, Suse,
   Fedora...) for 2+ years and had 1+ year of Unix at school) but for example
   I'm quite not sure in compiling things on my own. I don't want you to teach
   me but link to some other general tutorial or howto (on compiling in this
   case) would be enough.
   - The community package/recipe creation is still not perfect. My
   insipration would be ArchLinux's AUR.
   - The last and most important for me: the most important thing of
   making a software project is good docs (well, just *after* the programming
   itself;-)). When I write some piece of software, I make a doc-page just
   after adding a new feature. I'm not blaming you as I don't know your "doc
   making habits" (and I know you've done LOTS of great work) but you should
   make the docs at least more apparent. Making some more strict rules for
   package and docs creration would be enough.

Well, I don't use Gobo now (not suitable for my AMD64 desktop) but I read
GoboML for quite some time, so I hope you'll get something from my
suggestions. I would happily use Gobo on my notebook if I could (and I
promise I'll try to one day;-) - well, I'll try to do it as soon as possible
but I'll surely need some hints. Is #gobolinux on freenode active, resp.
will I find there somebody to help me? The ML is quite slow for solving
issues like this).


2006/11/24, Roebe XXX <shevegen at linuxmail.org>:
> Hi,
>   as the question about a "How to use Gobolinux" for a newcomer
>   again arised on IRC today, let me askif one of you older guys
>   could find some time to write an official guide how to do
>   things "the gobolinux way". (I think there is a little
>   bit on the Wiki, but I think in this situation it would
>   be better for a more complete guide)
>   Something like hishasm's old PDF things about the
>   Gobolinux philosoophy! Some is a little outdated
>   maybe, but it was great to read! ;)
>   (And an official tutorial to point newcomers
>   will probably help them get started easier. )
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