[gobolinux-users] Compile and Gobo on other architectures

Rayne Van-Dunem raynenamibia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 00:42:13 UTC 2006

Just wondering how the port of Gobo's utils to PowerPC is coming along, plus
a few questions.

Since Compile is essentially Gobo's answer to Gentoo's Portage, would it be
OK to assume that it, like Portage, would allow for the portability of any
Gobo system (kernel, userland, etc.) to other architectures?

I'm wondering about this because some Gentoo system is usually the first to
be ported to any new or old architecture (such as
due to the renowned flexibility of the Portage system that allows the
operating system and its drivers to be built to fit the hardware.

Does the Gobo project aim for a similar goal of being a "meta-distribution"?

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