[gobolinux-users] Gobolinux Tutorial?

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Sun Nov 26 05:33:01 UTC 2006

On 11/25/06, Vojta Grec <gobo at morha.com> wrote:

> So I would like to encourage anybody that knows anything more than me about
> Gobo to improve the docs.
> Now the constructive ideas:
> I'm lacking Tutorial too.
>  I'm also lacking some in-depth docs of Gobo booting/working (e.g. is
> AfterBoot KB page still valid?).

It's pretty much outdated. Thanks for pointing us to it, we need to
modify it to reflect to 013. (volunteers?)

> For me, the KB is quite chaotic in general (especially in comparation to the
> Wonderful Wiki of Gentoo(TM)).

Indeed, sometimes I feel lost myself there, too. Do you have
suggestions on how to set up the layout of the current documentation?

> Why the heck there is no manpage for Compile?? (I hope I wrote it right, a
> week ago I run Gobo013 in qemu and was really surprised by lack of manpages
> for Scripts overall; yes, they have --help but I am used to
> manpages)[correct me if I'm wrong].

Since there have been doing a lot of work being done on Compile and
Scripts land, such as addition/removal of features and modifications
on usage syntax, we decided to keep their documentation online only,
which saved us from the problem of having synchronization problems
(updating docs on the web page and forgetting the docs on the package

Personally speaking, I dislike to write manpages. It's boring and
time-consuming. A script to parse the entries in the wiki and to
automatically convert them to man pages would be very welcome, though.
(volunteers, again?)

> so I hope you'll get something from my suggestions.

Sure we do. I'd just like to hear some suggestions on the layout of
the wiki. Pointing to other wiki URLs where an interesting design is
in use is fine.

> I would happily use Gobo on
> my notebook if I could (and I promise I'll try to one day;-) - well, I'll
> try to do it as soon as possible but I'll surely need some hints. Is
> #gobolinux on freenode active, resp. will I find there somebody to help me?

Yes, usually you'll find some devs and users there. Sometimes they're
just sleeping, but you can always do some noise in the channel to make
them awake :-)

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