[gobolinux-users] Rootless needs bash as default shell?

Judicael Courant Judicael.Courant at laposte.net
Mon Nov 27 13:11:57 UTC 2006


I would like to give (rootless) Gobolinux a try as it looks a very
interesting (and original) distribution. Unfortunately, I am having
troubles installing rootless on my debian laptop.

My machine is setup with /bin/sh as a symlink to /bin/dash (dash is a
POSIX shell, like bash, but in constrast it implements no extension).
Bash is installed as /bin/bash.

CreateRootlessEnvironment and many scripts are supposed to be sh
scripts but in fact most of them use some bash-specific construct that
do not work with dash. For instance dash does not understand the
keyword "source" (you have to use '.' instead).

So I just replaced all instances of /bin/sh by /bin/bash in the scripts
downloaded by CreateRootlessEnvironment (BTW, it downloads version
2.5.2 of these scripts whereas version 2.5.6 is available, is this
deliberate?). But that is not enough: once I have run
"CreateRootlessEnvironment `pwd`" on a newly created dir and sourced
my .bash_profile, "InstallPackage Atool" would fail:

judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo/test]InstallPackage Atool
InstallPackage: Locating a binary package for Atool ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/judicael/Soft/Gobo/test/System/Links/Executables/FindPackage", line 235, in ?
    returned = FindPackage(p, v, fulllist, substring, types, localdirs, forceupdate, accessWeb = not noWeb, hook = hook)
  File "/home/judicael/Soft/Gobo/test/System/Links/Executables/FindPackage", line 25, in FindPackage
    availables = GetAvailable(types, localdirs, forceupdate=forceupdate, accessWeb = accessWeb, hook = hook)
  File "/home/judicael/Soft/Gobo/test/System/Links/Libraries/python2.3/site-packages/GetAvailable.py", line 329, in GetAvailable
    UpdateCache(types, forceupdate, hook)
  File "/home/judicael/Soft/Gobo/test/System/Links/Libraries/python2.3/site-packages/GetAvailable.py", line 161, in UpdateCache
    ret = downloadFiles(files, force, hook, 'Downloading updated remote lists')
  File "/home/judicael/Soft/Gobo/test/System/Links/Libraries/python2.3/site-packages/GetAvailable.py", line 94, in downloadFiles
    timeout = int(globalSettings['timeout'])
ValueError: invalid literal for int(): 
InstallPackage: Package for Atool not found.
judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo/test]

If (as root) I just point /bin/sh to /bin/bash, then everything seems
to work fine with my modified scripts (at least, InstallPackage Atool
and InstallPackage Compile and InstallPackage Mtail succeed). But
InstallPackage keeps failing when /bin/sh points to /bin/dash. However
no reference to /bin/sh seems to remain in my gobolinux installation:

judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo/test]find . | xargs grep /bin/sh 
judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo/test]

Any clue of what went wrong? (I attach the diff between the original
scripts and my version).

BTW, I also noticed this:
judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo]ls -l Scripts.orig/2.5.2/share
lrwxrwxrwx 1 judicael judicael 20 2006-11-27 10:24 Scripts.orig/2.5.2/share -> /System/Links/Shared
judicael at tigre ~/Soft/Gobo]

share points to an absolute /System, which certainly does not exist on
a rootless install.

Sincerly yours,

Judicael.Courant at laposte.net
NOUVEAU TEL : (+33) (0)4 72 50 48 13
GPG public key: 7C25 D439 9F60 BC68 A131  6267 98B9 98F6 7107 2457
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