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Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 20:45:16 UTC 2006

On 11/27/06, Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, that what it says, though there is still some confusion over the
> "Foo 1.0" syntax. We're switching to "Foo = 1.0" or "Foo >= 1.0" now.

Maybe a more expressive language could be used in the future for
dependencies, one with AND, OR, priorities, nesting and the like? An
imaginary example (just to illustrate the concept):

 ( Foo 1.0 )
 ( Fooz OR-LATER 1.0    )
( Bar BEST-LAST  1.0-TO-3.2  3.5-TO-4.1) )
(IF-THEN-ELSE (= $graphicsCard Nvidia) (Foo4nvidia 1.0) SKIP  )

BTW, I'm a bit wary of the ">=". I guess some libraries are supposed to keep
backwards compatibility, but still I think there should be a way to
distinguish tested compatibilities from reasonable assumptions. For
instance, there could be a global setting to make Compile read ">=" as "="
in recipes, if that's what the user prefers.

> First question: Who builds those dependency lists, each project's managers
> > or Gobolinux devs? (I assume the latter will at least have to write the
> > right package names, but do they follow indications from the former, or
> do
> > they decide on their own?).
> Whoever writes the recipe (ie, devs/contributors, not the upstream
> devs, though of course we do it based on the dependency relations set
> by upstream).

So, when I "contribute" a recipe (using MakeRecipe, then Compile and send
sending the tar.gz) does it contain accurate information about dependencies,
or do developers have to fix it? I mean, maybe the recipe I send only
contains, as dependencies, the library versions I used for my compilation,
not all the valid versions.

> Second question: What happens when, say, Cairo is updated? I assume Gimp
> > will stick to its old version (Cairo 1.0.0), but will Firefox
> automatically
> > relink the the newest version of Cairo? Or will it do it the next time
> you
> > compile Firefox?
> Depends on what is currently symlinked in the system. The dependency
> files are used by the tools, but ultimately, what happens in runtime
> is defined by what's linked in, which can be overriden by the using
> calling SymlinkProgram explicitly.
> Is there a way to know what are the actual links the program is using, a
file that changes every time you recompile or relink a program? I'm thinking
of something like /Programs/Foo/Resources/CurrentLinks.

Anyway, I read your answer as "No, Firefox does not get relinked unless you
tell it to" which I think is a good thing :)
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