[gobolinux-users] Xorg problems

Paul Dann giddie at christian.net
Mon Nov 27 11:02:00 UTC 2006


  I installed a minimal GoboLinux system for a server and am now trying
to get Xorg+KDE working.  Now that new packages are available I decided
to have another go at installing them, so I RemoveProgramed Xorg and rm
-rfed the directory, RemoveBrokenLinksed (hehe got to love silly words)
everything below /System/Links and did InstallPackage Xorg.  After
install, Xorg had difficulty accessing certain files, so I checked the
permissions and discovered that certain files in Xorg/Current/bin were
owned by "fibo", including the Xorg binary itself.  I chowned to
root:root and set ug+s.  Startx now works for root, but not for my
normal user.  The problem seems to be related to fonts, because even
though the server will start when I'm root, KDE shows little boxes
instead of characters where there should be writing.  Is it another
permission problem?

Any help would be appreciated.  Attached is Xorg.0.log if it's any help.
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