[gobolinux-users] Source repositories and other suggestions

Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 23:14:18 UTC 2006

On 11/27/06, Dan <theyranos at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there a way to know what are the actual links the program is
> > using, a file that changes every time you recompile or relink a
> > program? I'm thinking of something like /Programs/Foo/Resources/
> > CurrentLinks.
> How about ldd?
> "ldd `which amarok`" for example, gives you a fairly comprehensive
> list of links the Amarok binary needs to run. If you want programs
> and versions, you can use something like this bash line:
> $ ldd `which amarok` | sed 's,.*=>,,g' | sed 's,(.*),,g' | xargs -n1
> readlink -f
> (I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, as I haven't been
> really following this thread. Sorry if I'm completely off-topic.)

Hmm, it pretty much looks like what I wanted. Still, it has a few bugs and

For instance, I got this output for Firefox:

martin1 at martinGobo ~]ldd `which firefox`
        not a dynamic executable

And, reading from the man page:


       *ldd* does not work on a.out shared libraries.

       *ldd* does not work with some extremely old  a.out  programs  which  were
       built  before  *ldd*  support was added to the compiler releases.  If you
       use *ldd* on one of these programs, the program will attempt to run  with
       *argc* = 0 and the results will be unpredictable.

Now I'm a bit confused. It looks like the actual version number is
picked at level below SymlinkProgram.
I thought it was SymlinkProgram who decided which versions to link to.
If it does, it should be easy to record its choices in a file.
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