[gobolinux-users] My ideas for GoboLinux #014

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 16:32:22 UTC 2006

My ideas for GoboLinux #014:


1. Full UTF-8 encoding for the special characters of the hungarian and other
non-english peoples. This UTF-8 encoding should work as a default in the
non-grafical terminals, and in the KDE Console,  Gnome Terminal, other
virtual terminals, MC, in the file- and directory names...
NOTE for the developers: In Hungary is a distro, "UHU-Linux", (in CD and in
DVD variations) in them is full UTF-8 encoding, in all case, and it work
correct! Webpage: http://uhulinux.hu

The distro is available in the following links:

This distro use a few kernel-patches for the good UTF-8 work, and this
patches availables in the DVD-iso.
Please see this patches -- I want use not UHU, I want use Gobo, with UTF-8!

2. The 014 should not in CD, - should in DVD, for the bigger area.

3. In DVD I want the following programs:
- KDE-I18N-hu
- Full GNOME, but the gnome-games not. (I preferre not KDE, I preferre
- Multi Gnome Terminal: http://multignometerm.sourceforge.net/
- CDFS filesystem, compiled into the kernel.
- Timidity with the all Instruments
- Azureus
- gThumb
- Evolution
- XaoS fractal-program
- gFTP
- Bochs PC-emulator

4. I please he following settings:
- in the install process can I change the default window-manager from KDE to
Gnome or others
- please make me a simple script named WindowManager:
WindowManager --help:

Usage: WindowManager [options]
The following options available:
--gnome : set the default window manager to Gnome
--xfce : set the default window manager to xfce
--kde : set the default window manager to kde
--icewm : set the default window manager to icewm

The new settings work only on the following XTERM-start.

5. And I please, see if it is possible to the MC editor: in the Uhu-Linux I
can in this editor select characters and lines with the shift+cursorkeys
combinations, but in Gobo's MC can not! This is me terrible! Others the MC
and his editor work correct. (and the shift and cursorkeys is correct in all
another case).

6. The GoboHide should be in 014 internationalized.

7. Please me the settings by default:
- If I press Enter (or doubleclikk) in MC over a MP3, OGG, WAV or other
audiofile, the Audacious should play this file! (This is default in
Uhu-Linux's MC for the XMMS).
- and if I press Shift+Enter (Or, Ctrl-enter, it is me egal) in MC over an
audiofile, then this file should append to the audacious-playlist!

8. The Audacious should have midi-plugin, and SID plugin for the oldies C-64

9. I please, if it is possible, the CCS64 C-64 emulator-program! (I please
only the ccs64, another c-64 emulator not. Under Windows I use this program,
and it is absolute super!)

With this choices the Gobo should be the best distro in the Linux-Universe!

Thanks for all developers!


Honlapcsoportom: http://birodalom.net
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The #86 official GoboLinux-user

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