[gobolinux-users] Source repositories and other suggestions

Martin Baldan martinobal at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 23:51:39 UTC 2006

On 11/30/06, Michael Homer <gobo-users-dufus at wotfun.com> wrote:
> I guess that's possible - automated is really a bit of a stretch, but
> in a lot of cases it could be mostly automatic. It's likely to cause
> difficult-to-find bugs, though. I think you'd need to at the least
> check, and probably make a few fixes, to the patches for every
> program. In any case, Gobo policy has always been to patch as little
> as possible, and I don't see that changing for this sort of minimal
> benefit. It would need to be a very complicated system to handle
> everything, especially with that level of patching.

I know and very much agree with Gobo policy. I should have been more clear
on this: the process would involve no patching, in the sense that no patches
would be kept around. Instead, what would happen is compile-time source
edition, which can be implemented as a temporary patched file, to be
discarded after compilation.

Keeping a patched file would be a bad idea, among other things, because you
would have to modify the patch each time a library is sub-versioned.

What I have in mind is this: Compile reads the source, extracts the library
versions required, then it checks which full versions (real libraries) of
these required libraries are installed in the system, then it checks which
of those have been tested by Gobo users with the application it is
compiling, it decides which one to use, creates a temporary patched file
where the original library names are replaced with the new names, compiles
this temporary file and then discards it. No dirty hacking is involved,
Compile doen't make up library names, they are all valid names taken from
the system and from the online database. In which ways do you think this
system may fail?

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