[gobolinux-users] Compile script annoyances

V mkdm_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 08:10:40 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I thought I had followed up with my responses to this
(now) historical thread...anyway, my answers.

Jonas Karlsson wrote:

> VR wrote:
> > Xorg 7.1 seems to be compiled OK, but it seems the
> > /System/Links/Libraries &
> > /System/Links/Libraries/modules did not contain
> > symlinks to /Programs/Xorg/7.1/lib and
> /lib/modules .
> >
> > What went wrong?  Re-running Symlinkprogram Xorg
> 7.1
> > does not create the library entries.
> >
> What do you mean that there are no symlinks? What
> does 'ls -l  
> /System/Links/Libraries/libX11.so' give you?
> Does /Programs/Xorg/7.1/lib contain any files? What
> does 'ls -l  
> /Programs/Xorg/7.1/lib/libX11.so' give you?
> Hard to say what went wrong without any more
> information.

Well, symlinks were included to both the old version
and the new version of Xorg.  I solved the problem by
completely removing the old version and the new
version  (RemoveProgram) and then re-compiled Xorg 7.1
(again) from scratch.

All the libraries and paths seem correct now.  I think
there was a change in library paths or how Xorg was
built from 6.8.1 and later versions.

I just wonder if there was any way to add some kind of
sanity checks or if that is the user's responsibility.

> I try to answer some of your questions, but I also
> like to know what  
> version of Compile you're using. I'm guessing at
> 1.6.0, but I need to be  
> sure.

Yes, I was using 1.6.0 for my Xorg escapades.

> > install Zlib 1.2.3, I said 'Y' and it reported
> back it
> > was already installed.
> >
> > The script hung at 100% CPU utilization, I
> > control-c'ed and it continued.
> >
> Strange. Hard to trace bug without more info.

I think someone else mentioned this issue as well.  If
it happens again I'll try to note anything relevant

> About removing the source, you could use the option
> "--batch" to Compile.  
> That always removes the source directory if it
> exists.

Ok, thanks, I didn't recall this option.

> >
> Glibc shouldn't be regarded as a dependency. Have
> you run "UpdateSettings  
> scripts" after you installed the new version of
> scripts? What do you get  
> if you do 'ls -l
> /System/Settings/Scripts/Dependencies.blacklist'?

I think I forgot to run the update scripts which is
why glibc popped up.

Can we have the recipe that installs the new script
also invoke the 'UpdateSettings' or remind the user to
do this?  I keep forgetting these little details.

> VR wrote:

> > I have KDE 3.5.0 but I've compiled something where
> the
> > person who created the recipe had KDE 3.4.3 and I
> get
> > prompted if I want to install that version of
> KDElibs,
> > etc.  A careless response could jack up the
> system.
> >
> How is your KDE 3.5.0 installed? In one directory,
> i.e.  
> /Programs/KDE/3.5.0, or in multiple directories with
> one for KDE-Libs etc?  
> If it's the former I can do some additions to the
> compability list.

It is done in seperate folders, KDE-Libs,
KDE-Graphics, etc.

When I did my 012 install, KDE 3.4.0 was installed (by
default).  I just did a "Compile KDE" to get the
latest version.  What is the correct procedure for
updating KDE?

> The automatic generated dependencies should only be
> considered as guidance  
> when making a recipe. One should always look at the
> dependency list and  
> manually edit it so that the lowest version needed
> is listed instead of  
> the one installed on the current system.

Ok, makes sense, I'll keep it in mind when I started
submitting recipes.

> We're working on it to get our tools more easy to
> use and most of all,  
> getting the dependency checking better.

Perfect :).

Hisham Muhammad wrote:

> I compiled some Tcl-based stuff recently (AMSN). Did
> you try passing
> $goboHeaders/tcl8.5 to this flag? (Or
> $tcl_path/include/tcl8.5,
> provided you specify Tcl in the Dependencies file)

I didn't think to do this.  I'll try to re-compile
expect with this and report back.


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