[gobolinux-users] i586 port

Vojta Grec gobo at morha.com
Thu Sep 7 22:46:53 UTC 2006

Hi there,
maybe you remember, I wrote (from another email which now I consider
my private address) some months ago that I'm going to fiddle around
Gobo i386 port... Well, I must admit that nothing happened, because I
was really busy (I planned the port because I thought I would have an
i386 notebook). Now I have the notebook but it's even i586, so I think
(correct me) it should not be any problem to port Gobo to it. I needed
to get the ntb running so now it's sucesfully loaded with Slackware.
All I want to know is any piece of advice and recommendation
preferably by any Gobo developer or skilled user that might help me
doing the eventual port (is
http://gobolinux.org/?page=doc/articles/porting_guide still valid?; do
somebody have the sources for realpath? etc.). I have never done LFS
so I wonder if I'll be able to do the port, but why not to try it, ha?



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