[gobolinux-users] Make packages from tgz to Gobo-Package...

Dan theyranos at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 16:51:15 UTC 2006

No script for this exists yet. Problem is that the contents of the  
slackware packages expect things to follow the directory layout (/ 
opt, /usr, /etc) of a normal linux, which we do not.

Best thing to do would be to compile the program you need from  
scratch. See whether there's already a recipe for it with
$ Compile ProgramYouWant
(Replacing ProgramYouWant with the name of the program you're trying  
to get).

If you really need the contents of a slackware package installed on  
your system, you can do it manually by creating folders for it in  
Programs, then extractinig the package somewhere and copying bin,  
lib, include, man or any other folders over. If the package has a  
'share' folder, rename it to "Shared."

Once you're done, use SymlinkProgram to make Gobo install the / 
Programs entry. It may work, but only if the program you're  
installing doesn't have a hardcoded 'root' string, or hardcoded file  

If we don't already have a recipe for the program you need, ask the  
list to create one, and someone probably will.

> Dear profi Gobo-Users, how can I make Gobo-Packages (.tar.bz2) from
> slackware or zenwalk packages (.tgz)? Is for these work a script?
> Zoli
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