[gobolinux-users] Scripts, Compile, BootScripts and Manager releases

André Detsch detsch at gobolinux.org
Sat Apr 21 17:50:55 UTC 2007

I've just uploaded new releases for Scripts (2.6.4), Compile (1.8.4),
BootScripts (2.1.1) and Manager (1.1.5).

InstallPackage <package_name>, as usual, will update the package on your system.


** Scripts
2007-04-20 12:32  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Relevant fix: new current_only
	  parameter must be 'False' by default.

2007-04-19 09:44  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Update version.

2007-04-18 18:07  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Removing leftover debug message.

2007-04-18 08:34  mohjive

	* Scripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/xprofile: Fix trailing colon

2007-04-17 18:20  mohjive

	* Scripts/Shared/applications/InstallPackage.desktop: Adding
	  missing desktop file

2007-04-17 18:14  mohjive

	* Scripts/Shared/:
	  mimelnk/application/x-gobo-package.desktop: * Removing arch
	  specific mime types, as it's unecessary complicated for users *
	  Adding translations

2007-04-17 16:36  mohjive

	* Scripts/Shared/:
	  mimelnk/application/gobo-ppc-package.desktop: * Adding mime for
	  GoboPackages for KDE and DE that support freedesktop.org spec *
	  Adding icons for GoboPackages

2007-04-17 16:06  mohjive

	* Scripts/: Functions/File, bin/VerifyProgram: * Fixing deduction
	  of appname from tarball name * Check_FileHash now takes a prefix
	  instead of an appname and version, to make it possible to sign
	  programs that doesn't recide in /Programs * Updating
	  VerifyProgram to use prefix in call to Check_FileHash

2007-04-17 13:09  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/: FindPackage, GetAvailable: Added 'current' as a
	  valid FindPackage / GetAvailable type. May be used in the near
	  future by CheckDependencies, to solve some build dependencies
	  cases more correctly (e.g., GRUB, which requires gcc < 4).

2007-04-16 23:36  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/AddUser: Keeping the standard usermod line for
	  compatibility reasons, while performing operations on the console
	  group only if it exists on $goboSettings/group.

2007-04-16 17:40  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: - Removing '.tar.bz2' extension
	  when trying to download stand-alone dependencies files from
	  packages server; - Calling FindPackage with fulllist=1, so that
	  all installed packages are considered on dependencies checking,
	  not only the one with the highest version.

2007-04-13 07:11  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/ColorMake: remove creation of workaround file

2007-04-13 06:42  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: We can't test if	are empty as the
	  user might choose to install no dependencies

2007-04-13 05:09  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/ColorMake: Removed another ugly workaround

2007-04-13 05:05  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/PrepareProgram: Removed ugly workaround

2007-04-12 15:14  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/AddUser: Replaced 'cdrecord' group by 'console'.

2007-04-10 12:32  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: /Programs/Linux does not need to be
	  filtered anymore.

2007-04-10 12:29  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Addedd missing piece of code to allow a
	  "LocalRecipe" of a version to get precedence over regular
	  (revisioned) recipes for the same version.

2007-04-10 11:41  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Documented 'installed' option.

2007-04-10 11:35  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/FindPackage: Documented 'installed' option.

2007-04-09 22:55  detsch

	* Scripts/: bin/GuessLatest,
	  lib/python2.3/site-packages/PythonUtils.py: Changed the way
	  LocalRecipes (which do not have revision number) take precedence
	  over a regular recipe with the same version (and which has a

2007-04-09 22:52  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Better support for revisions.

2007-04-09 22:52  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Added support for a default revision
	  value (when the package does not have one).

2007-04-09 22:51  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/DescribeProgram: Adjusted variable name.

2007-04-09 13:09  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Fixed typo on variable name.

2007-04-09 10:48  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Adjusted CheckDependencies to
	  search remote packages dependencies files in the right place
	  e.g.: http://gobo.calica.com/packages/official/dependencies/

2007-04-08 23:11  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/VerifyProgram: Encapsulated the removal of temporary
	  files in a function to avoid replication of code.

2007-04-08 02:19  lucasvr

	* Scripts/Makefile: Moved commit of CreateRootlessEnvironment to
	  Makefile's 'dist' target, preventing accidental commits when one
	  just wants to compile the source code at 'src'.

2007-04-07 18:20  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Hey, I didn't intend to
	  commit the previous modification to this file. It looks like
	  'dist' is a better target to put this automatic commit on..

2007-04-07 17:56  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Update version.

2007-04-06 15:48  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/VerifyProgram: Added support to verify binary
	  packages in tarball form.

2007-04-06 11:24  detsch

	* Scripts/lib/python2.3/site-packages/PythonUtils.py: Yet another
	  fix for systems were /bin/sh is not bash. This one affecting
	  parsing of ours .conf files when within a python script.

2007-04-05 20:25  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Handling exception when timeout value
	  is invalid.

2007-04-05 16:18  hisham

	* Scripts/: Makefile, bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Ensure
	  Rootless will pick the latest version of Scripts

2007-04-05 16:16  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: using correct variable name (the
	  other worked but might break)

2007-04-05 16:10  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: forgot to change dummy version before
	  commit - again

2007-04-05 16:10  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: Cleaned up the check using a function

2007-04-05 15:47  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: Forgot to change the dummy version
	  before commit

2007-04-05 15:40  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: Added hardcoded check for glibc
	  against kernel version. We don't want to break any more users

2007-04-01 20:09  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Added --batch option, same as
	  -install-optional=always (bug #46).

2007-04-01 20:05  detsch

	* Scripts/bin/CheckDependencies: Fixed behaviour for 'App = X' in
	  Dependencies file (bug #88).

2007-04-01 11:28  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/Hashes: * updated Hashes to the new filehash API

2007-04-01 05:10  hisham

	* Scripts/bin/Dependencies: Correct subshell call to use backticks
	  instead of parentheses

2007-03-31 19:28  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/UpdateSettings: * changed > to -gt as > seemed to
	  fail * made it use if-then-else as if the test failed it returned
	  a false return code

2007-03-31 18:39  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/InstallPackage: Bash dumps stdin to subcalls, instead
	  of waiting for the call to exit

2007-03-31 16:55  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/Dependencies: extended expression to allow comments
	  anywhere on a line

2007-03-31 16:30  hisham

	* Scripts/bin/: AttachProgram, Dependencies, DetachProgram: Fix
	  problems related with attach/detach tools, contributed by Aitor

2007-03-31 15:03  hisham

	* Scripts/bin/: DetachProgram, PrepareProgram: Fix errors related
	  to DetachProgram as reported by Aitor Perez Iturri

2007-03-27 19:28  mohjive

	* Scripts/: Functions/GoboLinux, bin/DisableProgram,
	  bin/RemoveProgram: * moving functionallity for getting paths
	  inside /System/Links to a function to avoid diverging * changing
	  usage of hardcoded code to newly created function in
	  DisableProgram and RemoveProgram

2007-03-27 18:09  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/DisableProgram: * added removal of tasks

2007-03-23 13:19  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/UpdateSettings: * if we choose merge and edit but
	  didn't edit the file we probably want the question repeated to
	  select something else

2007-03-21 18:42  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: * Adding creation of some
	  necessary directories * Making adding StartRootless to *rc

2007-03-20 23:50  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/FixLibtoolLa: Using $goboPrograms instead of

2007-03-20 22:57  calica

	* Scripts/bin/DisableProgram: Rebuild Environment/Cache in

2007-03-20 22:42  calica

	* Scripts/bin/SymlinkProgram: Run FixLibtoolLa on *.la in subdirs
	  of lib too.

2007-03-20 22:35  calica

	* Scripts/: Functions/GoboLinux, bin/RemoveProgram,
	  bin/SymlinkProgram: The environment cache code diverged between
	  SymlinkProgram and RemoveProgram.  Move to Gen_Env_Cache() in
	  F/GoboLinux and call from RemoveProgram, SymlinkProgram

2007-03-18 22:34  mwh

	* Scripts/bin/SandboxInstall: Now deletes System/Kernel/Devices/tty
	  if present during cleanup

2007-03-18 01:06  lucasvr

	* Scripts/bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Added missing commits from
	  Jonas Karlsson after Savannah's backup restore:

	  Small fixes to rootless * removing extra curly bracet * prompt
	  isn't available in bash, in which the script runs * cleaning up
	  the copy of scripts * removing dircolors as requirement * nonGnu
	  readlink workaround

2007-03-11 06:46  mohjive

	* Scripts/Functions/String: * added a function to translate a
	  string to all upper case

2007-03-10 17:37  mohjive

	* Scripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/bashrc: * Fixed "fixed" issue
	  with trailing colon on paths in bash

2007-03-10 11:46  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/Dependencies: * replaced perl regex with sed

2007-03-10 11:28  mohjive

	* Scripts/bin/GenBuildInformation: * replaced perl regex with sed *
	  changed a pipe to redirection (to avoid subshell) * changed
	  subshell notation to ease nesting

2007-04-17 16:46  mohjive

	* Compile/Shared/: applications/Compile.desktop,
	  mimelnk/text/x-gobo-recipe-source.desktop: Adding mime and icons
	  for GoboRecipe for KDE and DE that follow freedesktop.org spec

2007-04-17 09:58  mohjive

	* Compile/bin/: Compile, NewVersion, UpdateRecipes: Removing
	  occurences of the Temporary_File function, where it only was used
	  as a workaround

2007-04-17 00:34  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/RecipeLint: Added support for x86_64.

2007-04-13 06:49  mohjive

	* Compile/bin/Compile: Using same contruct as in InstallPackage,
	  removing use of Temporary_File

2007-04-09 14:16  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/: Compile, RecipeLint: variable_target is now set to
	  /System/Variable, making it unnecessary to deal with (often)
	  problematic entries at /Programs. unmanaged_files should be used
	  on recipes if the program's install script touches files or
	  directories in that dir.

2007-04-05 05:31  mohjive

	* Compile/bin/Compile: * we can't combine --lazy with --start-at as
	  we maybe want to run configure for subsequent recipes * If we say
	  --keep, we mean keep

2007-03-28 23:42  lucasvr

	* Compile/Functions/Compile: Fixing a bad bug: when called from
	  FetchArchive, its 'i' variable is modified by Verify_Files'
	  variable of the same name. Something bizarre happens with the
	  'files' array, too: even when declaring the array as local in
	  Verify_Files, the original array in FetchArchive is modified. It
	  was required to use a different name under Verify_Files to avoid

2007-03-28 14:12  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/NewVersion: Checking for dups in LocalRecipes, too.

2007-03-28 13:56  lucasvr

	* Compile/Functions/Compile: Using bash's -f test, as 'Exists'
	  returns true when $file is a directory (/Files/Compile/Archives,
	  for example)

2007-03-28 08:28  mohjive

	* Compile/Functions/Compile: * corrected variable names used

2007-03-27 21:53  mwh

	* Compile/Functions/Compile: Typo: currupted->corrupted

2007-03-27 00:35  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/Compile: Allowing one to supply extra parameters to
	  'make Makefiles', while also adding a default IRULESRC variable,
	  which turns out to appear in every Imakefiles.

2007-03-26 06:53  mohjive

	* Compile/Functions/Compile: indentation

2007-03-26 06:49  mohjive

	* Compile/: Functions/Compile, bin/Compile, bin/FetchArchive: *
	  Moved out verification of downloaded files to a funtion * added
	  check of files if no-web is used

2007-03-22 22:37  mwh

	* Compile/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/gobo/parseconfig.rb: Fix to
	  parsing of bracketed variables

2007-03-18 00:58  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/Compile: Aborting the compilation if pre_install()
	  fails on recipe_type=manifest

2007-03-18 00:57  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/Compile: tests of required applications shouldn't be
	  done in subshells (Jonas Karlsson)

2007-03-18 00:54  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/MakeRecipe: do not rename perl modules if already
	  named correctly (Jonas Karlsson)

2007-03-10 21:01  mohjive

	* Compile/bin/Compile: * Added basic checks for required tools

2007-03-10 14:17  lucasvr

	* Compile/bin/NewVersion: Using Log_Terse so that this message gets
	  the user's attention.

2007-04-19 11:19  mohjive

	* BootScripts/Resources/Environment: We must export LANG and LC_ALL
	  to have them carried to subshells

2007-04-12 14:58  lucasvr

	* BootScripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/BootScripts/BootUp: Moved
	  swap mount command to a place where it actually succeeds.

2007-03-20 19:03  calica

	* BootScripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/NetworkOptions: Document
	  and provide example of network hook function in NetworkOptions.

2007-03-20 18:59  calica

	* BootScripts/Resources/Tasks/Network: Add support for
	  <iface>_{Pre,Post}{Up,Down} hooks.

2007-02-21 23:17  lucasvr

	* BootScripts/Themes/SplitScreen: Fixed error on assignment that
	  crashed the boot process when using this theme. Closes bug #78,
	  reported by karmazilla.

2007-02-10 13:42  lucasvr

	* BootScripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/BootScripts/BootUp: wtmp
	  should live in 'log' instead of 'run'.

2007-02-02 14:58  detsch

	* BootScripts/bin/BootDriver: Removed useless sourcing of

2007-01-25 11:04  lucasvr

	* BootScripts/Makefile: Added a reminder so that we don't forget to
	  add cvs tags on new releases.

** Manager
2007-04-19 19:21  detsch

	* Manager/Makefile: Being more aggressive to avoid '? lib' error on
	  make dist.

2007-04-19 19:19  detsch

	* Manager/Makefile: More Makefile fixes.

2007-04-19 19:16  detsch

	* Manager/Shared/: applications/manager.desktop,
	  pixmaps/manager.png: Added application icon & pixmap no proper

2007-04-19 19:14  detsch

	* Manager/Makefile: Removed reference to 'src' subdir.

2007-04-19 19:13  detsch

	* Manager/Makefile: Added some missing bits to Makefile.

2007-04-19 19:10  detsch

	* Manager/Resources/Dependencies: Added Scripts dependency to

2007-04-19 19:09  detsch

	* Manager/Makefile: Added 'dist' to Makefile.

2007-04-18 18:05  detsch

	* Manager/bin/Manager: Code formating changes.

2007-04-10 12:58  detsch

	* Manager/bin/Manager: Some style adjustments here and there.

2007-04-10 12:44  detsch

	* Manager/bin/Manager: Small identation fix, removed unused lines.

2007-04-10 12:42  detsch

	* Manager/bin/Manager: Saving some lines by using tuples on

2007-04-09 22:59  detsch

	* Manager/: GUI/ManagerConfigForm.ui, bin/GetInstalled,
	  bin/Manager: - Overall adjustments regarding revisions handling;
	  - Re-enabled dependencies processing (adding dependencies
	  installation to the commands queue).

Andre Detsch

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