[gobolinux-users] Mod_Php

mpb mpb.mail at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 22:14:52 UTC 2007

> On 4/23/07, Jonas Karlsson <jonka750 at student.liu.se> wrote:

> > There is a page that is more correct (but not completly) at
> > http://gobo.kundor.org/wiki/GAMPS_HowTO . Look there instead. I'm trying
> > to update it but having issues with commiting the changed (it just loads
> > forever - I know this is a bug in MediaWiki, anyone know the workaround or
> > if it's fixed in pater versions?).

On 4/24/07, Nick Matteo <kundor at kundor.org> wrote:

> I have not had any problems editing that page.  I remember hearing
> about this before, but I thought it had been resolved.  Can you give
> more details about it?

I ran into several pages that I could not edit/save when I was
reviewing the wiki contents in March.  As a result, I was unable to
categorize these pages.  I suspect (but I could be wrong) that this
bug is related to the (heavy duty) way we are using templates in the
wiki.  I was going to track it down (which could be a lot of work),
but then Nick proposed implementing a non-template based framework for
reviewing wiki pages on a monthly/quarterly basis.  I was waiting to
hear back from Nick as to how he would like to proceed, but I
eventually got distracted by other (non-Gobo) matters.


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