[gobolinux-users] Compile 1.8.2

Hi There goboster at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 06:40:05 UTC 2007

> Hello there,
I feel like everyone is sending messages just for me

> Here comes a new release of Compile. This is a 
minor release that
> basically only adds a new valid mode to recipes,
making it easier to
> maintain recipes for programs which have more exotic
builds such as
> Clisp.

Could I suggest an enhancement for the next release? I
keep coming across sources that don't unpack into the
standard progam-name--#.## folder in Sources. This
becomes a problem when you have different versions
that unpack into the same directory name. Besides
being messy, if you're not paying attention, Compile
thinks it finds sources for the version you're
compiling, and can end up using those sources instead
of the right ones.

I tried:
cd .. ; mv bad-dir-name good-dir-name ; cd
but then Compile doesn't find previously unpacked
sources, and always unpacks the archive during a
build, not good if you've edited some of the source
code by hand.

So why not add the option to rename the unpack
directory in recipes? something like:
then Compile knows where to check for previously
unpacked sources, where to find new sources from a
current unpack, and what to rename the directory to
from a current unpack.

Also, a hook for doing this during/after a compile
would be helpful for uncompress=no

You may need rename_dirs then too.

If the functionality already exists, please describe
it, I don't see it in the recipe spec.


and BTW, adding file_hash and file_size to the
attributes generated by MakeRecipe would make it that
much more likely that people include them in their


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