[gobolinux-users] The englisg GoboWiki is death!

Nick Matteo kundor at kundor.org
Sun Feb 11 16:53:40 UTC 2007

On 2/11/07, André Detsch <detsch at gobolinux.org> wrote:
> I'm not sure how hard it is to migrate the wiki db to other server,
> but we can move the wiki to the gobolinux.org machine. We have a lot
> of free space there, and much more bandwidth than we are actually
> using. It is good to have things a little bit spread (to avoid a
> single point of failure), but since kundor.org is having such
> limitations, moving the wiki to gobolinux.org sounds to be the easiest
> way to solve the problem for now.

I would recommend that.  We should probably take the opportunity to
update to the latest version of MediaWiki as well.  I think it should
just be a matter of installing mediawiki on the server with the
correct username and db for mysql, exporting the mysql database on
kundor, and importing it on gobolinux, but I'll look into it further.

> BTW, anyone has some report on availability of gobolinux.org? Were
> there noticeable downtimes recently?

I haven't had any problems.

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