[gobolinux-users] New version of GoboLinux tools

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Thu Jun 7 05:50:36 UTC 2007


Here comes the so-expected flood of new versions of GoboLinux tools.
And this time Compile/Scripts didn't came alone! Here are their new

=> AbsTK 0.3
=> BootScripts 2.1.2
=> Compile 1.8.5
=> ConfigTools 1.1.2
=> Installer 1.0.3
=> Listener 1.3
=> LiveCD 1.0.2
=> Manager 1.1.6
=> Scripts 2.6.5

Please note that some of these are only relevant for the ISO, so you
won't need to install them all -- you're probably more interested in
Compile, Manager and Scripts. As usual, just invoke 'InstallPackage
<program>'  to install the ones you're interested in.

The full change log for each one can be found below.


2007-06-01 00:25  lucasvr

    * Compile/bin/Compile: Removed call to 'rm $selecteddeps', as that
      variable doesn't refer to temporaries under $goboTemp anymore.

2007-05-04 19:00  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/Compile: Compile must die if patching from generated
      patches fails

2007-05-04 18:55  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/NewVersion: forgot a quote in the last commit

2007-05-04 16:33  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/NewVersion: do not deduct $file from url if $file is
      already set in the recipe

2007-04-27 17:41  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/Compile: Adding option --no-unmanaged to Compile to
      make it possible to skip installation of unmanaged files while
      using Compile

2007-04-27 17:40  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/Compile: Updating which version of Scripts Compile

2007-04-27 17:37  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/Compile:  Changing how unmanged files are handled by
      Compile. Instead of just setting allow leftovers to the sandbox
      and copying everything left in the sandbox to Unmanaged, use the
      new feature of SandboxInstall to handle unmanaged files.

2007-04-21 16:25  mohjive

    * Compile/bin/Compile: Changed echoing dependencies to verbose mode

2007-06-04 03:20  lucasvr

    * Scripts/bin/TemplateScript: Fixed typo, closing bug #113.

2007-05-30 16:34  detsch

    * Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Fixed bug preventing some programs to
      be returned when a regular user runs GetAvailable -t i.

2007-05-30 06:38  mohjive

    * Scripts/bin/FiboSandbox: Mounts has to be cleaned up before
      trying to restore ownerships as the mounts can hide files which
      causes a lot of errors. Perhaps ownership restoring isn't needed
      with the new implementation?

2007-05-14 13:20  detsch

    * Scripts/src/List.c: Storing total number of bytes in 64 bits,
      allowing directories with a total of more than 2^31 bytes (2GB)
      to be correctly shown.

2007-04-27 17:30  mohjive

    * Scripts/bin/: FiboSandbox, SandboxInstall, UnionSandbox:
      FiboSandbox: * adding 'trap' function to clean up sandbox even
      when interupted * adding option to specify directories in root
      system that should be mapped to directories in 'Unmanaged' via
      '--map' option SandboxInstall: * adding 'trap' function to clean
      up sandbox even when interupted * adding --unmanaged-files option
      wich takes a colon separated list of files and directories and
      place them withim Unmanged when installing UnionSandbox: *
      readlink returns nothing when called with a nonexisting
      file/directory * we must assert that the mountpoint exists as

2007-04-27 17:20  mohjive

    * Scripts/: Functions/File, Functions/GoboLinux,
      bin/DisableProgram, bin/RemoveProgram, bin/SymlinkProgram: *
      Adding helping functions to query status of a directory (if real
      directory and empty/non-empty) as well as finding if a executable
      is in path * adding function to update mime database * updating
      SymlinkProgram, DisableProgram and RemoveProgram to update mime
      database if the current application comes with mime definitions

2007-04-21 18:21  mohjive

    * Scripts/Resources/Defaults/Settings/: bashrc, xprofile, zshrc: *
      We must ensure that environment variables are set in the cache

2007-04-21 16:29  mohjive

    * Scripts/bin/KillProcess: * silencing error from 'kill' * Making
      unable to close the process terse instead of verbose

2007-04-20 12:32  detsch

    * Scripts/bin/GetAvailable: Relevant fix: new current_only
      parameter must be 'False' by default.

2007-05-01 17:37  detsch

    * Manager/bin/ShowPackages: Fixed bug related to programs with
      different cases introduced with the last commit.

2007-04-22 14:14  detsch

    * Manager/bin/ShowPackages: - Enabled 'local-dirs' option; -
      Support for revisions; - Printing programs in their original
      case, not always lower case.

2007-05-30 05:44  mohjive

    * BootScripts/Themes/AppleII: Hiding output from the user instead

2007-05-29 13:46  mohjive

    * BootScripts/Themes/AppleII: /dev/tty2 isn't available, using
      /dev/console instead

2007-06-07 02:20  lucasvr

    * Listener/: Makefile, src/Makefile: Fixes in Makefiles to employ
      the same mechanism of doing new releases in all GoboLinux tools.

2007-06-07 02:08  lucasvr

    * Listener/src/rules.c: Fixed bug #24.

2007-06-07 01:38  lucasvr

    * Listener/: Resources/Defaults/Settings/listener.conf,
      src/rules.c: Removing documentation about 'RECURSIVE' until that
      feature is implemented correctly.

2007-04-03 01:56  lucasvr

    * Listener/src/rules.c: Added missing variable declarations.

2006-11-03 11:51  lucasvr

    * Listener/src/rules.c: Allows references for both $ENTRY_RELATIVE
      and $ENTRY in the same line.

2007-06-06 23:12  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/Makefile: Adjusted to become 'make dist' friendly.

2007-05-02 05:13  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/ModifyXorgConf: Small cleanup.

2007-04-21 16:19  mohjive

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: Cleaner implementation for skipping
      entry for extended partition (type 5)

2007-04-21 15:01  detsch

    * ConfigTools/Makefile: Fixed compilation of python modules.

2007-04-20 01:42  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: Oops :-)

2007-04-20 01:42  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: Starting counter at 1.

2007-04-20 01:40  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: Fixed indentation.

2007-04-20 01:07  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: From John E. Rose:

      1) bootableflag and id require more of the "fdisk -l" output than
      is saved in the varable partition. I created a new variable pt to
      take care of this; 2) the test 'test ! -z "${extralist}" && if
      echo "${extralist}" | grep -q "${drive}${partitionnumber}"' never
      reaches the else that unsets several variables if there is no
      extralist; 3) "partitionnumber" is misspelled in one place
      ("partionnumber") 4) an incorrect line is added to the output if
      the id is 5 5) the arrays "types" and "drives" are not correctly
      expanded by $types and $drives; something like ${types[@]} is

2007-04-17 15:17  detsch

    * ConfigTools/bin/: GenGrubMenu, dev2grub.sh: Using a separate
      script for device string conversion. This time, code copied from
      grub package itself.

2007-04-17 12:40  detsch

    * ConfigTools/bin/dev2grub.sh: Script is not needed here anymore.

2007-04-17 12:38  detsch

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenGrubMenu: Using old routine (from ConfigTools
      1.0) to convert device strings to grub format, as it looks like
      that was the correct way to do it.

2007-03-18 01:10  lucasvr

    * ConfigTools/bin/GenFstab: Added missing commits from Jonas
      Karlsson after Savannah's backup restore:

      * Added support for a list with predefined mounts * Added support
      for ntfs * Some generalization of the drive loop

2007-03-03 17:49  mohjive

    * ConfigTools/bin/: .chroot, EthInterfaces, GenFstab, GenXorgConf,
      MakeGrubKeymap, ModifyXorgConf, dev2grub.sh: We depend on bash

2007-06-07 00:21  lucasvr

    * Installer/Makefile: Adjusted to become 'make dist' friendly.

2007-06-06 01:42  lucasvr

    * Installer/Makefile: Do not using old DirPythonCompile anymore to
      compile python scripts.

2007-04-27 19:12  mohjive

    * Installer/bin/: GoboLinuxInstaller, ProfileInstall: Cleaning up
      paths a bit

2007-04-22 14:38  detsch

    * Installer/bin/ProfileInstall: Changed the way we enforce 'red' as
      being the superuser's prompt color.

2007-04-21 17:50  detsch

    * Installer/bin/GoboLinuxInstaller: Exporting LANG and LC_ALL
      variables in Bootscripts Env file.

2007-04-21 17:44  detsch

    * Installer/bin/ProfileInstall: Removed 'sync' commands, dated from
      the unstable cloop days.

2007-04-21 17:36  detsch

    * Installer/bin/ProfileInstall: Being more verbose if some program
      from the profile is not found; Removed copy of Daemons, as it is
      not needed anymore.

2007-04-21 17:27  detsch

    * Installer/bin/ProfileInstall: Overall cleanup: - Following our
      shell scripts coding-style (spacing, function names) -
      Rearrangement of the 'main function', being more concise without
      changing functionality

2007-04-21 17:12  detsch

    * Installer/bin/ProfileInstall: Removed bunch of comments at the
      beginning of ProfileInstall scripts.

2007-04-21 16:57  detsch

    * Installer/bin/GoboLinuxInstaller: Updated old comments.

2007-04-21 15:23  lucasvr

    * Installer/bin/GoboLinuxInstaller: Configuring known locale

2007-04-21 15:23  lucasvr

    * Installer/Shared/Installer/Language/tt2_hu_HU.ts: Converted from
      8859-2 to UTF-8.

2007-03-07 22:11  lucasvr

    * Installer/: Shared/Installer/Language/tt2_hu_HU.ts,
      Shared/Installer/Language/hu_HU/Introduction, src/Installer.pro:
      Added support for Magyar (hu_HU), thanks to the efforts of Viola

2007-06-06 03:20  lucasvr

    * AbsTK/Makefile: SignProgram, ListProgramFiles and some other
      inheritances from Compile and Scripts Makefile.

2007-06-06 03:08  lucasvr

    * AbsTK/Makefile: Fixed use of non-existing variable.

2007-06-06 01:42  lucasvr

    * AbsTK/Makefile: Fixing syntax, while also redirecting stderr to

2007-06-06 01:35  lucasvr

    * AbsTK/Makefile: Redirecting stdout to /dev/null so that output
      doesn't get garbled.

2007-06-05 17:16  detsch

    * AbsTK/Makefile: Do not using old DirPythonCompile anymor to
      compile python scripts.

2007-03-06 11:20  mohjive

    * AbsTK/src/: cwizard.py, qtwizard.py: Added support for removing

2007-03-02 21:22  mohjive

    * AbsTK/src/: cwizard.py, qtwizard.py: Added functionallity for
      adding screens at custom possitions

2007-06-07 02:22  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/Makefile: Temporary fix until we discover why pylupdate
      doesn't like files encoded in utf-8...

2007-06-07 00:48  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/Data/Language/tt2_hu_HU.ts: Removing "type=$LANG" from
      'translation' mark.

2007-06-07 00:45  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/Makefile: Get new dirs and prune empty ones on update.

2007-05-17 00:04  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/bin/StartLiveCD: Ensuring that we have the remaning
      filesystems mounted before launching any application that could
      benefit from them.

2007-05-02 05:12  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/bin/ConfigureLiveCD: Adjusting menu size to show all
      available languages.

2007-04-22 14:37  detsch

    * LiveCD/Data/Users_gobo/.zshrc: Disabling use of unionsanbox
      within live cd.

2007-04-21 15:52  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/Data/Users_gobo/Desktop/: GParted, QtParted: Replaced
      QtParted desktop icon by GParted.

2007-04-17 15:31  detsch

    * LiveCD/bin/StartLiveCD: Creating
      /System/Kernel/Boot/grub/device.map file during boot -
      *background operation*.  It might take some time (~30 sec on my
      laptop), but almost no CPU is used (< 0.01 sec).  So is good to
      initialize the file here in order to have it already done when
      the installer is invoked.

2007-03-07 21:25  lucasvr

    * LiveCD/: Data/Language/LiveCD.pro, Data/Language/Welcome_hu_HU,
      Data/Language/tt2_hu_HU.ts, Data/Users_gobo/Desktop/Install
      GoboLinux, bin/ConfigureLiveCD: Added Magyar support to the
      Installer. Kudos to Viola Zóltan!

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