[gobolinux-users] udev errors

Hi There goboster at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 12 21:31:03 UTC 2007

>On Wed, 06 Jun 2007 21:10:23 +0200, Hi There
><goboster at yahoo.com> 
>>> On 6/6/07, Hi There <goboster at yahoo.com> wrote:

>>>> BTW, the -S option seems to get ignored by
>> -=snip=-
>>>> Executed SymlinkProgram to get the new r4 package
>>>> linked in properly.
>>> What version of Scripts are you running there?
>>> bug should be
>>> fixed in the last version of Scripts, which is
>>> being hold before
>>> someone tests it (could you please do that, too?)
>> I had 2.6.4-r1 installed. Just installed new
>> symlinked w/ overwrite after the install.
>> InstallPackage still ignores -S, fails to symlink
>> after detecting an invalid signature.
>Can't reproduce. See below (TPTest is a small
>which I corrupted with a file, "foo", inside the bin

>]InstallPackage --version
>InstallPackage 2.6.5

>Released under the GNU GPL.
>]VerifyProgram TPTest--3.1.7--i686.tar.bz2
>VerifyProgram: Uncompressing package...
>VerifyProgram: Verifying signature...
>VerifyProgram: Signature OK
>VerifyProgram: Verifying FileHash...
>VerifyProgram: FileHash check failed: bin/foo not
found in hashfile
>VerifyProgram: Removed package >from
>]InstallPackage -S TPTest--3.1.7--i686.tar.bz2
>InstallPackage: An installation of this same version
already exists.
>InstallPackage: Remove existing?

>InstallPackage: Installing TPTest, version 3.1.7.
>InstallPackage: Uncompressing to /Programs...
>InstallPackage: Skipping package's signature
>UpdateSettings: No settings exist
>SymlinkProgram: Symlinking TPTest 3.1.7.
>SymlinkProgram: Removing unused directories...
>SymlinkProgram: Done.
>I got the same result if I tried Scripts 2.6.3 and
>(those were the versions I had available on my
machine), so
>I can't really find why you have a problem with the

weird, I had the same problem with 2.6.4. well what
sort of thing could be causing this problem? as I
noted in a previous post, HAL recipe fails on a python
XML package dependency that *is* installed, maybe some
python library or search path is borked?

again, just to check my versions:
]InstallPackage --version
InstallPackage 2.6.5

Released under the GNU GPL.
root at homecomputer /]python --version
Python 2.5

>> ]InstallPackage -S udev
>> -=snip=-
>> InstallPackage: Invalid signature.  Package has
>> modified
>I can verify that the signature was invalid. I have
>a new package, with valid signature.


in any case, udev-110 is still broken for me. I
downgraded to 105 in the meantime, that seems to be
working better. is there any more info I can give you
to help get it fixed?

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