[gobolinux-users] /dev/dsp disappeared after upgrade

Hi There goboster at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 08:33:11 UTC 2007

Lucas said:
>On 6/5/07, Hi There <goboster at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> One of many problems I've encountered after
>> to newer packages (KDE, kernel, xorg, udev) is that
>> sound has stopped working. I think it happened at
>> KDE upgrade stage. There is no longer a /dev/dsp
>> present. KDE pops up a window at startup:
>> Error while initializing the sound driver:
>> device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such file or
>> directory)
>> The sound server will continue, using the null
>> device.

>Please take a look at the other thread. I just
>replied about this problem there.

>> BTW, can't Compile ALSA-Driver 1.0.13-r2, it gives
>> kernel header file errors, looks like it's not
>> compatible with kernel

>Since you're running an updated kernel I don't think
>there's a good
>reason to compile a stand-alone alsa driver package
>(unless there were
>important enhancements to your sound card's driver
>since then).

Just mentioned that because some people in gentoo
forums suggested using the older, stable, stand-alone
alsa drivers when having trouble. Doesn't matter much

I'm making some progress on the problem. The
snd_mixer_oss and snd_pcm_oss modules weren't being
loaded at startup, and those are the ones responsible
for the /dev/dsp entry. I added those two modules to
UserDefinedModules entry in BootOptions. Now I have a
/dev/dsp again, and an application (mplayer) plays
sound again.

This thread at the gentoo forums helped get me this
far http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-279086.html

Unfortunately, I can't get sound out of KDE itself. No
startup sounds, and the "Test" button in the Control
Center's Sound System panel does nothing. KMix does
change the volume level of mplayer. Under Sound System
-> Hardware -> Select the audio device, ALSA is not
listed, I'm pretty sure it is in most KDE

Amarok also fails to output sound giving the error
"xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers" at
startup. I tried all of the suggestions in this Ubuntu
none worked.

So where are these modules supposed to be loaded, if
not from UserDefinedModules? I didn't have oss entries
in there before, and sound worked fine. They're not in
/etc/modprobe.conf either (blacklist or alias). Am I
supposed to have some sound entries in there? Is udev
supposed to be taking care of this stuff?

I added the alias entries suggested here
to /etc/modprobe.conf, and used their suggested
.asoundrc file in my home directory just in case that
was the missing ingredient. KDE and Amarok still
refuse to work.

>powered by /dev/dsp

barely powered by /dev/dsp

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