[gobolinux-users] /dev/dsp disappeared after upgrade

Hi There goboster at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 23 14:49:18 UTC 2007

Michael Homer wrote:
>> > switch over. KDE complained
>> > about no /dev/dsp, and ALSA wasn't being used by
>> > Sound System (not even
>> > listed) though the modules appeared to be loaded.
>> > idea if there's some
>> > config setting to make KDE recognize ALSA exists,
>> > force KDE to use it?
>> It should pick it up automatically - if it doesn't,
ALSA isn't
>> enabled, isn't there, or isn't working. You may
need to recompile ARTS
>> if ALSA support wasn't enabled in it

It's interesting that Amarok (using xine sound engine)
plays just fine when manually set to go through ALSA.
Modules all seem to be loaded. ALSA isn't listed as a
manually selectable option under the KDE sound system
control panel. Can't get mplayer & Amarok to play
simultaneously (should they be able to do that without
artsd running?)

>If the GoboLinux recipe or package was used, alsa is
>enabled (arts is
>a sub-part of kde-libs).

I definitely used the recipe or the package. I'm
pretty sure it was the package. Anyone know if the
signatures on the latest KDE packages are all valid?

Thanks for all the input everyone!

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