[gobolinux-users] sandboxintall broken?

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Fri Jun 29 21:58:57 UTC 2007

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kenneth marken wrote:
> as in, its clear that the tools are made for contributors rather 
> then end users.

although, it's very nice that because the tools ask a little extra out
of you, every end user can very easily become a contributor!  It is one
of the outstanding things of GoboLinux versus other packaging systems.
Also (for more than one-off things, which almost anything has the
potential to become) it makes it easier to repeat compiling(/installing)
what you already have.  I find that relaxing.

That being said, yes, the tools are not optimized for things that don't
have a Uniform Resource Identifier (URL).  ...if you store stuff in a
consistent place on your system, how about a file:///x/y/z url, does
that make any sense? We really don't want people to get lazy and use the
stuff they've already downloaded, it is way too tempting and makes it
harder(read: non-trivial, so it is very likely not to happen at all) to
submit working-anywhere(in theory), verified recipes.

Funny when "end user" means "code developer", too.  I have a feeling
Gobo is more optimized for end users than (non-gobo-)developers ;-)

(although I guess, at least in concept, it's still much more friendly to
the possibility of a test install (within the packaging system!) than
most distros. And persistent, examinable recipes are still helpful.)


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