[gobolinux-users] Scripts Functions Logverbose: 2 small questions?

rubisher rubisher at scarlet.be
Mon Sep 3 17:46:55 UTC 2007

Hello *,

reading Compile stuff, I read this in LogVerbose file:
export logMode="Normal"
export logLevel=${logLevelNormal}

is it by design or should I read logMode="Verbose" & logLevel=${logLevelVerbose}?

The next point is common to LogNormal and LogVerbose files but may be just a question of semantic:
eval "exec $questionFD<&2"

which, according to bash's man, looks like imho to '[n]<&word' (sic) 'used to duplicate _input_ file descriptors'.

And the FD you want to duplicate is 2 i.e. STDERR: an _ouput_ stream (well, what says my /usr/include/unistd.h:
#define      STDERR_FILENO   2       /* Standard error _output_.  */

Sorry if anoying but I didn't find any ref to something'<&2'.


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