[gobolinux-users] KDE upgrade to 3.5.7 failed because Mesa 7.0-r1 FTBFS

Jonas Karlsson jonka750 at student.liu.se
Tue Sep 4 21:13:52 UTC 2007

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:56:33 +0200, rubisher <rubisher at scarlet.be> wrote:

> Jonas Karlsson wrote:
>> 2007/8/30, rubisher <rubisher at scarlet.be>:
>>> Hello all,
>>> My Freshen -U  KDE-Base KDE-Graphics KDE-Libs KDE-Multimedia KDE-Network KDE-PIM
>>> failed because Mesa 7.0 recipe r1 failed to build from sources:
>>> [snip]
>>> Freshen: Freshen: Upgrading Mesa, 5/32Upgrading 5/32...
>>> [IUR] Mesa 7.0-r1 ( (KDE-Libs))                                                                        6.5.2-r3
>>> Freshen: Upgrading Mesa...
>>> Freshen: First preference binary, no binary.
>>> Freshen: Got a recipe though.
>>> Freshen: Feeding this off to Compile...
>>> Compile: Locating a recipe for Mesa 7.0-r1...
>>> Compile: Found recipe for Mesa 7.0-r1
>> [...]
>>> `pkg-co
>>> nfig --cflags libdrm` -I/usr/X11R6/include glcontextmodes.c clientattrib.c compsize.c eval.c glxcmds.c glxext.c
>>> glxextensions.c indi
>>> rect.c indirect_init.c indirect_size.c indirect_window_pos.c indirect_transpose_matrix.c indirect_vertex_array.c
>>> indirect_vertex_pro
>>> gram.c pixel.c pixelstore.c render2.c renderpix.c single2.c singlepix.c vertarr.c xfont.c glx_pbuffer.c glx_query.c
>>> glx_texture_comp
>>> ression.c dri_glx.c XF86dri.c \
>>>                 ../../../src/mesa/main/dispatch.c ../../../src/mesa/glapi/glapi.c ../../../src/mesa/glapi/glthread.c
>>> /bin/sh: makedepend: command not found
>>> make[3]: *** [depend] Error 127
>>> make[3]: Leaving directory `/Files/Compile/Sources/Mesa-7.0/src/glx/x11'
>>> Compile: Build failed.
>>> Freshen: Compile failed of Mesa 7.0-r1. Terminating. Programs data cache has not been updated. Use Freshen -C to do this if
>>> necessar
>>> y.
>>> I have a look all over my GoboLinux install but didn't find anywhere "makedepend"?
>>> Any idea?
>> Mesa lacks Makedepend as a build dependency. You can run 'Compile
>> makedepend' in the meantime to install it.
> Ok I will continue so ;-)
>> Please file a bug against the Mesa recipe.
> done: <http://bugs.gobolinux.org/view.php?id=136>
When I was looking at fixing this bug I noticed that Mesa indeed has Makedepend
as *BuildDependency*. So the bug seems to be in Freshen or Compile, that the
responsible application doesn't look at BuildDependencies as well (when
compiling). Compile uses CheckDependencies for this, but I don't know how
Freshen does.


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