[gobolinux-users] kde-base 3.5.7 missing kio_smb?!

Jonas Karlsson jonka750 at student.liu.se
Thu Sep 13 05:19:57 NZST 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 18:14:06 +0200, Hisham Muhammad <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 9/12/07, Jonas Karlsson <jonka750 at student.liu.se> wrote:
>> On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 05:08:53 +0200, <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > On 8/26/07, kenneth marken <k-marken at online.no> wrote:
>> >> > > On Saturday 25 August 2007 18:32:39 Jonas Karlsson wrote:
>> >> > >> The question is if one can have the kio_smb installed,
>> >> > >> without having Samba and not get any segfaults or crashes due to missing
>> >> > >> libraries. Then we could build the binary with kio_smb, but not have to
>> >> > >> list Samba as dependency.
>> >> i recompiled kde-base here to get kio_smb. and when i disableprogram-ed
>> >> samba
>> >> and killed smbd and nmbd, i just get a load error when entering smb:/ into
>> >> the address line of konqueror. so i dont think it would be a big issue to
>> >> have it compiled in.
>> >
>> > I guess it could be listed in BuildDependencies, then.
>> >
>> I don't want to list it as BuildDependency either, as Compile then will
>> ask/require Samba when building KDE-Base. Instead I just edited the Dependencies
>> file before ChrootCompiling a new package, with Michael Homer's patch, that
>> include kio_smb, without listing Samba as a dependency. It should be available
>> in the stores shortly.
> Ugly hack! This undermines the "automatability" of the whole process,
> and next time someone will forget to repeat this hack and people will
> ask "where did kio_smb go"
Yes, I know. But I thought that since it will be (most probaly) me that makes the
next binary package for KDE-Base I thought it wouldn't be that bad. That and
that I don't want to add Samba as a "real" dependency. If it's there, it's there
otherwice it isn't really needed.

> if Samba needs to be there when
> generating the package, the right thing to do is to just add Samba to
> the BuildDependencies. (Insert obligatory yes-I-know use-flags
> optional-deps blah-blah here :) )
Ok, I'll commit a new recipe and package then.


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