[gobolinux-users] Solution for situation when more programs provide same file

Lucas C. Villa Real lucasvr at gobolinux.org
Sat Sep 22 23:05:59 NZST 2007

On 7/6/07, hisham.hm at gmail.com <hisham.hm at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/3/07, Isaac Dupree <isaacdupree at charter.net> wrote:
> > Hisham Muhammad wrote:
> > > Yes, that seems right. If you get around to do it, post your findings
> > > and the script so we can run it in other machines and get some more
> > > data points.
> >
> > Okay, results are attached - a script that takes a little while (several
> > seconds on my new machine).  By default it only looks in "Current"ly
> > symlinked variants, but can also look at all versions found in any
> > Programs entry.  This made a rather large difference on my upgraded-013
> > system (after I fixed my coding mistake).  This default is because it
> > doesn't really seem of concern if you have old versions of packages
> > around that arranged things a little differently and less well, if
> > you're not using them anymore.
> >
> > Because it only looks in the Programs entries, it has no difficulty
> > finding "conflicts" among Unmanaged, Settings, ... (although can't see
> > the similarity between Resources/Defaults/Variable and
> > Resources/Unmanaged/System/Variable; among Programs on my system, only
> > Xorg uses the former).  No Unmanaged or Variables conflicts were found
> > for me, though a few were for Settings.
> >
> > It prints some summary statistics at the top, but it's much more
> > interesting to look at the full list of conflicts.
> >
> > There are some pretty odd things in there. Gnupg vs. GnuPG is a case
> > problem (1.x and 2.x should both be in GnuPG).  Mesa vs. Xorg (I have
> > Xorg 7.1 as current since startx with 7.2 (which has less conflicts with
> > Mesa) didn't work for me; try this script on your own systems!)
> > ProgsReiserFS vs. ReiserFSProgs.  Miscellaneous other things.
> Thanks! These are very interesting results. I don't have my machine at
> home right now so I can't access it to get some results, but I hope
> more people post their data.
> My preliminary thoughts from your results are that we have a few
> different "kinds" of conflicts:
> - packaging issues: programs with different capitalizations,
> all-in-one vs. subdivided packages (Subversion), etc. Mostly harmless,
> but conflicts of this kind are an indicative of things we need to
> clean up.
> - duplication of functionality: more than one program providing
> essentially the same thing -- a variation on the item above;
> - settings conflicts: now this one can be a major source of headaches
> (I see the pixbuf loader file that's been mentioned as a source of
> trouble listed here)
> - actual conflicts: different programs providing different things
> under the same name. I'd add the NVidia vs. Mesa conflict in this
> category as well. Often a source of headaches for the user too.
> I think your script can become a very useful tool in tidying the distro. Kudos!

I *finally* had the time to read this thread. Indeed, this script
proves to be very useful. I just ran it against an almost fresh
installation and I got surprised by the number of conflicts. Sometimes
we just neglect what SymlinkProgram says and keep going on.

Sounds like a good candidate to DevelTools, after doing a small
conversion to our scripts coding style.

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