[gobolinux-users] BootStrap problem

Aitor Pérez Iturri aitor.iturri at bluebottle.com
Mon Sep 24 08:40:34 NZST 2007

More BootStrap questions.
I'm having some problems whith ChrootCompile, the problem is the next:

My cross_arch is epia-c3.
My cross_prefix_dir is /Depot/System/Epia/C3.
I'm using bootstrap from
directory /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap.

I'm compiling a package that requies some dependecies (Zlib).
ChrootCompile should install the epia-c3 version for that package (yet
compiled). It calls to MiniInstallPackage with this syntax:

MiniInstallPackage --verbose
Unpacked/epia-c3/ZLib/1.2.3 /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap/chroot/Area-FreeType-2.1.10-r1 /Depot/System/Epia/C3

It seems to copy files nice and then it calls MiniSymlinkProgram in
this way;

--verbose /Programs/ZLib/1.2.3 /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap/chroot/Area-FreeType-2.1.10-r1//Depot/System/Epia/C3 /Depot/System/Epia/C3

Here comes the problem, i think that in function `do_link`:

/System/Links/Executables/MiniSymlinkProgram: line 68:
cd: /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap/chroot/Area-FreeType-2.1.10-r1/Depot/System/Epia/C3//Depot/System/Epia/C3/System/Links/Libraries:
No such file or directory

it's unable to enter in that directory, so the symlinks are finally
done under /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap/chroot/.

My question is the next: is that path (the tried with cd command)
correctly formed? or should it
be: /Depot/Users/eof/Proyectos/Epia/Bootstrap/chroot/Area-FreeType-2.1.10-r1/Depot/System/Epia/C3//Depot/System/Links/Libraries

i'm a bit confused with that entries.

P.S. Lucas, i have a working patch for ChrootCompile and InvokeCompile
to solve the problem of the cross_blacklisted and the problem of the
--rbind option when umounting.
When i solved this other question i will send the patches to the

P.S.2 i sent this msg to this mailing list to continue the thread and
maybe someone could have similar problems.

Greets, Aitor.

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