[gobolinux-users] Symlink conflict between findutils/Slocate

Daniele Maccari gobo.users at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 02:43:06 NZDT 2008

Thomas Queste wrote:
> During the update of findutils, the symlink program tells me :
>   SymlinkProgram: Conflict: /Programs/Slocate/3.1/bin/slocate
>   SymlinkProgram: Conflict: /Programs/Slocate/3.1/bin/updatedb
> Do you know which version I should use (slocate or findutils) ?
> Thanks,
> Thomas
Well, the fact is that the slocate recipe "steals" the findutils locate 
and updatedb commands and use slocate and slocate -u instead. So when 
Compile tries to symlink the findutils' ones it finds them to be yet 
used by someone else. You can choose which to use: the slocate or the 
findutils ones. As there are really no crucial differences between them, 
I'd suggest you to keep the slocate ones and just ignore those messages.


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