[gobolinux-users] Crashing of Audacious and gFTP, after updating GTK+

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 07:57:59 NZDT 2008

I need Audacious. Without music I cannot life...

In effect, I am a very "hard" gobo-user: I have 3 bootable GoboLinux system
on my hard disk: in the HDA4, HDA6 and HDA7 partition! The most used is the
HDA6. This is "pseudo-crashed" by reason of GTK+ - changing. No I write
under HDA7, - I deleted the HDA6-system, and copy to, from HDA4... This give
me the original state of my system, with Audacious and so on. But, after the
copy is 100%, I need a method to having an "-xvidencopts-capable" mplayer...



2008/2/9, Daniele Maccari <gobo.users at gmail.com>:
> Viola Zoltán wrote:
> > Hello, for the Mplayer-compiling problem (see in the another theme) I
> > freshing the GTK+ to the newest version. After this, the gFTP and
> > Compile will not work me. Of course, I remove this progs, and Compile
> > its. The compile processes are O.K. But, this progs will not start me.
> > See this messages:
> >
> > vz at Csiszilla ~]audacious
> > process 22140: D-Bus library appears to be incorrectly set up; failed
> > to read machine uuid: Failed to open
> > "/System/Variable/lib/dbus/machine-id": Nincs ilyen fájl vagy könyvtár
> > See the manual page for dbus-uuidgen to correct this issue.
> >   D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace
> > zsh: abort      audacious
> > vz at Csiszilla ~]gftp
> > zsh: segmentation fault  gftp
> I don't know about the segmentation fault issue (I had one similar
> problem some time ago with gnupg and I only solved by reinstalling
> gobo...), but as for DBUS you can just run dbus-uuidgen --ensure from
> the shell. This issue is fixed with the new DBUS recipe anyway.
> Bye
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