[gobolinux-users] Gpodder doesn't find python module "gtk"

Thomas Queste tqueste at free.fr
Tue Mar 25 06:33:32 NZDT 2008

> Python-Glade is part of PyGTK. I don't have Glade2 installed but I do have
> LibGlade 2.6.2.

Glade is part of pyGtk ? I just lost a lot of time playing with 
glade2/ScrollKeeper... :-(

I'm waiting for your recipe to appear in the store.
I thought it was missing Glade2 as the message was :
"RuntimeError: could not create GladeXML object"
But the first line was :
could not find glade file '/System/Links/share/gpodder/gpodder.glade'

Thanks for your help, Jonas. I will try your recipe as soon as it appears.



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