[gobolinux-users] Announcing GoboLinux-014.01-rc1.iso

Carlo Calica carlo at calica.com
Sun Mar 30 22:54:16 NZDT 2008

014.01-rc1 Announce

I'm happy to announce GoboLinux 014.01-rc1.  I hope to have no changes
between this and the final 014.01.  beta1 had 498 downloads from
distinct IPs.  That amount of testing and the lack of reports implies
a great release.  We'll be pressing 4000 CDs for the International
Forum on Free Software.  Thanks for all you help.

Its available at:


MD5SUM:  fb14d071258245b9804ab8a3444f94c9
SIZE:   703635456   (672 MB)

The ISOs are at calica and kundor now.  They should mirror out normally.

Major changes:
Linux with added vmsplit patch
PostInstall working.  Fixes dbus/machine-id
OpenSSH keygen moved to task
Scripts 2.8.4 branch snapshot: manpage and other fixes
Xorg 7.2-r6: Fixes xcb lock, for Skype
OpenOffice 2.3.1_bin-r3: xdg entries and correct symlinks
MPlayer 1.0rc2-r3: subtitle font symlink fixed and security update
KDE:  a kdmrc fix to existing package.
Subversion: now supports http:// urls
APR and APT-Utils: updated for SVN
LVM2: selfish personal reason
SSHFS:  ditto :-)
Better README for ISO root
FindPackage no longer returns svn versions
VirtualBox issue:  Tested on VirtualBox for win32.  Bug tracker for
014-rc implies a fix was applied.
Change permissions on /F/Compile to root:sys 2775
ALSA-Utils: Updated to include Dialog as dep
Sudo: always_set_home and --with-env-editor enabled
Madwifi: Updated to current version
Iwlwifi: Include firmware
NDISwrapper: included by request.

Probably a few more :-)

Carlo J. Calica

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