[gobolinux-users] Compile 1.11.3, Scripts 2.9.5 and BootScripts 2.1.5 released

Jonas Karlsson jonas at gobolinux.org
Thu Oct 30 23:44:37 NZDT 2008

With this I announce new versions of our tools Compile, Scripts and BootScripts.
The major changes are what follows.

Compile 1.11.3
* Many changes and improvements to use flags. These change is mostly
for recipe writers. Some examples are that with_foo variables can be
arrays and support for use flags with meta "tags" (with_foo_include).
* Better symlink behaviour with Compile. It's now possible to control
how symlink conflicts should be handled whan calling Compile and
subrecipes of meta recipes inherits symlink_options from it parent
recipes (think Xorg/Xorg-Lib and --conflict=overwrite).
(Full changelog at

Scripts 2.9.5
* Support for generic flags. This means that users can specify for
example "gui" use flag and will have best(1) gui flag (2) enabled for
a recipe.
* Default GenericFlags.conf and updated DistFlags.conf (the latter
ironically mostly affects users that don't bother about use flags).
* Support for Docbook XML
* Support for ScrollKeeper (last great obstacle for Gnome is now gone).
* Fix for building C++ apps when using GCC >= 4.3
* Bugfixes for rootless (specifically for Darwin and Cygwin)
(Full changelog at

BootScripts 2.1.5
* Logging boot to file is extended to include full output from started tasks.
(Full changelog at


1) The algorithm for deciding which is "best" flag is first check if
any flag is already enabled. If so use that, otherwice use first flag
available in the recipe.
2) User specified in a list in GenericFlags.conf, though a default set
is shipped with scripts.

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