[gobolinux-users] Compile and VCS?

David Koppstein david.koppstein at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 04:45:54 NZST 2009

I was just thinking about the Compile package manager. In a nutshell it 
wgets a gzipped tarball , and then uses recipes to make them, and has 
{some_library} >= 1.6.3 to keep dependencies in line. I love it.

In addition to wgetting tarballs, it seems like almost all OS projects 
are under some VC these days -- cvs, svn, git, mercurial, bazaar, darcs, 
etc. Could these somehow be integrated into Compile, so for example the 
first line of the recipe would be

git clone {whatever}

instead of a url?

This might have a few advantages. First, I believe a lot of these 
version control systems have mechanisms of compacting the source code 
between versions. I know git and mercurial do. It would also be easier 
to keep your software on the 'bleeding edge' so to speak, by doing 
global updates. A related issue is that I know of cases where the 
software maintainers do not always increment the version numbers of the 
software properly -- so if the binary interface changes, they might not 
increment the number properly, for example. Combining a version control 
system with Compile might make it easier to revert a library if there is 
some incompatibility, so you can keep the distribution in sync with itself.

I am somewhat naive about how Compile works, so it may be that it 
supports some of these things I've mentioned already. Has this ever been 


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