[gobolinux-users] Compile and VCS?

David Koppstein david.koppstein at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 12:49:37 NZST 2009

That is very cool, thanks for enlightening me. I have another question 
-- is it possible to get Compile to work on other *nix, i.e. by 
configuring it symlink to ~/bin instead of /System/Links/Executables, 
somewhat like GNU stow? I ask because there is a lot of package 
management on that I'm doing on a university box that I don't have su 
access to. I've already spent a fair amount of time writing scripts to 
automate installation of some rather obscure packages, but it'd be nice 
to work within the Compile framework.


Michael Homer wrote:
> On Saturday 18 April 2009 04:45:54 David Koppstein wrote:
>> I was just thinking about the Compile package manager. In a nutshell it
>> wgets a gzipped tarball , and then uses recipes to make them, and has
>> {some_library} >= 1.6.3 to keep dependencies in line. I love it.
>> In addition to wgetting tarballs, it seems like almost all OS projects
>> are under some VC these days -- cvs, svn, git, mercurial, bazaar, darcs,
>> etc. Could these somehow be integrated into Compile, so for example the
>> first line of the recipe would be
>> git clone {whatever}
>> instead of a url?
> The first five of these already work. See E17, MPlayer, X264, (no example I can 
> find), and BZR-Bisect respectively. Patches welcome for darcs.
> -Michael
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