[gobolinux-users] rootless and glibc

Michael Homer michael at gobolinux.org
Sun Apr 19 15:30:35 NZST 2009

On Sunday 19 April 2009 14:51:30 David Koppstein wrote:
> Michael Homer wrote:
> > On Sunday 19 April 2009 12:49:37 David Koppstein wrote:
> >> That is very cool, thanks for enlightening me. I have another question
> >> -- is it possible to get Compile to work on other *nix, i.e. by
> >> configuring it symlink to ~/bin instead of /System/Links/Executables,
> >> somewhat like GNU stow? I ask because there is a lot of package
> >> management on that I'm doing on a university box that I don't have su
> >> access to. I've already spent a fair amount of time writing scripts to
> >> automate installation of some rather obscure packages, but it'd be nice
> >> to work within the Compile framework.
> >
> > http://gobolinux.org/index.php?page=rootless
> However, when I did InstallPackage Compile, I got
> readlink: /lib/tls/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by
> readlink)
> This is bizarre, because the linux I'm running it on does indeed have
> its own readlink, at /usr/bin/readlink.
At some point I think Rootless installed its own readlink; I don't think it 
does any more, and I can't find where it would be. `which readlink` and see 
what it's using now.
> It seems like rootless wants GLIBC_2.4 specifically. Looking in
> /lib/tls, I think I've got glibc 2.3.4. As I don't have root access, is
> there a way to manually install glibc 2.4 in a local lib folder, or to
> otherwise circumvent this problem?
Rootless doesn't care what your glibc is, since you can't install packages 
anyway. CreateRootlessEnvironment automatically recompiles the few binary 
parts of Scripts at the beginning if your architecture doesn't match. If you 
want to rebuild that later on, run `make` in /Programs/Scripts/Current.
> One more question -- can I do away with the Python install now that I've
> bootstrapped rootless? I'd rather use Python 2.6 or 3.0 anyhow, rather
> than the 2.5 libraries which rootless seemed to want.
It doesn't require 2.5, that's just the minimum. 2.6 will work, 3.0 (of 
course) won't. You can install more than one in parallel too.
> A related bug in rootless I've found is that if you try to look at any
> man pages, after you're done looking at them it starts doing
That sounds like MANPATH is set to something odd. If not, upgrading pinfo 
might help, or `unalias man` if necessary.
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