[gobolinux-users] rootless and glibc

David Koppstein david.koppstein at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 16:16:30 NZST 2009

Thanks for all of your replies. Compile is now working beautifully. I 
ran into this bug:


the workaround seemed to work.
> At some point I think Rootless installed its own readlink; I don't think it 
> does any more, and I can't find where it would be. `which readlink` and see 
> what it's using now.
In ${goboPrefix}/System/Settings/bashrc, I switched the order of PATH 
from ${goboPrefix}/System/Links/Executables:$PATH to vice versa. That 
worked fine.
>> It seems like rootless wants GLIBC_2.4 specifically. Looking in
>> /lib/tls, I think I've got glibc 2.3.4. As I don't have root access, is
>> there a way to manually install glibc 2.4 in a local lib folder, or to
>> otherwise circumvent this problem?
> Rootless doesn't care what your glibc is, since you can't install packages 
> anyway. CreateRootlessEnvironment automatically recompiles the few binary 
> parts of Scripts at the beginning if your architecture doesn't match. If you 
> want to rebuild that later on, run `make` in /Programs/Scripts/Current.
>> One more question -- can I do away with the Python install now that I've
>> bootstrapped rootless? I'd rather use Python 2.6 or 3.0 anyhow, rather
>> than the 2.5 libraries which rootless seemed to want.
Cool, I'll just upgrade to Python 2.6 using Compile now :)
> It doesn't require 2.5, that's just the minimum. 2.6 will work, 3.0 (of 
> course) won't. You can install more than one in parallel too.
>> A related bug in rootless I've found is that if you try to look at any
>> man pages, after you're done looking at them it starts doing
This seems to have disappeared -- I am unclear as to why.
> That sounds like MANPATH is set to something odd. If not, upgrading pinfo 
> might help, or `unalias man` if necessary.
> -Michael
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