[gobolinux-users] rootless and glibc

Michael Homer michael at gobolinux.org
Sun Apr 19 16:30:01 NZST 2009

On Sunday 19 April 2009 16:16:30 David Koppstein wrote:
> Thanks for all of your replies. Compile is now working beautifully. I
> ran into this bug:
> http://bugs.gobolinux.org/view.php?id=69
> the workaround seemed to work.
That should not exist with recent Scripts.
> > At some point I think Rootless installed its own readlink; I don't think
> > it does any more, and I can't find where it would be. `which readlink`
> > and see what it's using now.
> In ${goboPrefix}/System/Settings/bashrc, I switched the order of PATH
> from ${goboPrefix}/System/Links/Executables:$PATH to vice versa. That
> worked fine.
You generally want it the original way around, or you can't ever shadow 
something provided by the system (for example, Python below). The issue is 
that you have a binary readlink you oughtn't; you should fix that instead. And 
find where it is so that the script can be fixed.
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