[gobolinux-users] Downloading from SourceForge

Samuel A. Falvo II sam.falvo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 08:40:24 NZDT 2009

I really need to know why I'm apparently the only human being, out of
the Earth's entire population of 6.6 billion, who cannot use Compile
to download packages from Sourceforge.  :(

root at capella ~]Compile azureus
Compile: Locating a recipe for azureus ...
Compile: Found recipe for azureus
GetRecipe: Trying to get /Files/Compile/Recipes/Azureus/
Compile: Recipe placed in /Files/Compile/Recipes/Azureus/
Compile: Checking dependencies...
Compile: Compiling Azureus version, revision r1.
--11:27:19--  http://umn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/azureus/Azureus_3.0.5.2_linux.tar.bz2
          => `Azureus_3.0.5.2_linux.tar.bz2'
Resolving umn.dl.sourceforge.net...
Connecting to umn.dl.sourceforge.net||:80...

and it just sits there.


I remember bringing this up before, and the solution was to alter
Compile's configuration in /etc.  Do I have to do this every time I
download a package?  And, furthermore, it doesn't always work anyway.

I'm currently using Gobo 014rc1, but unless some bizarre environmental
dependency has been fixed in 015, I doubt that upgrading will help.
Clearly, this is a wget issue.

Can anyone please post how to either work around this problem or offer
other solutions, besides manually visiting SF's website and
downloading the package manually?  There's just too much useful stuff
hosted (unfortunately) on SF for manual intervention to be considered
an alternative.

Thank you for reading; I'm sorry if I come off a little upset, but, I
kind of am.  This is a monumental problem in my view, and not knowing
how to fix this just perterbs me to no end.

Samuel A. Falvo II

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