[gobolinux-users] [ANN] Scripts 2.10.2, Compile 1.13.3 released

Michael Homer michael at gobolinux.org
Tue Apr 27 21:59:19 NZST 2010

Hi all,
More releases, all bugfixes this time. Scripts has a fix for the man directory 
path in PrepareProgram (actually used by Compile), and handles dependency 
conversion better. It also includes updates to the database used by the 
CommandNotFound system as usual.

The only notable behaviour change is a special case in the useflag code: having 
-INSTALLED in the environment variable will now disable automatic flags from 
occurring at all, rather than applying the change at the end of the process. 
This helps debugging of recipes and is useful for targeted compilation, and 
the previous more consistent behaviour doesn't seem to have a use case.

Compile has a single direct bugfix, affecting a case where a failed direct 
dependency would not cause the build process to terminate.

The packages are on the master now and will propagate to the mirrors shortly. 
You can use `InstallPackage Scripts 2.10.2` and `InstallPackage Compile 
1.13.3` to install them. Please report any bugs you encounter in the bug 
tracker and request help either on the mailing lists or the forums.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this release, particularly "Baffo32" who 
sent patches to Scripts.

Changelogs follow.

2010-04-27 09:23  mwh

	* bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Update version for

2010-04-27 03:27  mwh

	* Data/CommandNotFound.data: Update CNF DB in preparation for

2010-04-27 00:20  mwh

	* Data/CommandNotFound.data: Update CNF DB in preparation for

2010-04-22 07:52  mwh

	* bin/PrepareProgram: Pass correct path to mandir in
	  PrepareProgram. Patch from baffo32.

2010-04-14 22:21  mwh

	* bin/CheckDependencies: Skip uninstalled dependencies for
	  mode=convert. Patch from baffo32.

2010-02-20 01:20  mwh

	* bin/UseFlags: Special-case -INSTALLED in environment variable,
	  since it isn't very useful with the consistent behaviour

2010-02-05 21:00  mohjive

	* bin/Alien: Making 'Alien' executable

2010-01-24 01:35  mwh

	* bin/AugmentCommandNotFoundDatabase: Improve skipping of programs
	  in ACNFDB

2010-01-24 01:29  mwh

	* Data/CommandNotFound.data: Merge CNF database changes from 015
	  branch and add more

2010-01-21 02:07  lucasvr

	* src/List.c: Reset color to white before breaking line, fixing
	  weird output when dircolors contain a background color.

2010-04-20 00:59  mwh

	* bin/Compile: Need to re-exit after subshell closes when
	  dependency build fails or build process will continue
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