[gobolinux-users] Problem with environment - 2 (solved?)

Zbigniew lists at ispid.com.pl
Tue Jan 5 15:00:41 NZDT 2010

As I found out, the problem has its source in behaviour of sh in
non-interactive mode, and it can be fixed by placing pairs
"variablename=value" into /System/Settings/environment. Wouldn't it be
better, as default solution, than current usage of strictly POSIX-dependent
/System/Links/Environment/Cache ? I've got a feeling, that at least all
exported variables would have better place in /System/Settings/environment
(not sure, what to do with aliases).

So this seems to be a solution - or at least workaround - to my problem:
to copy exported variables into /System/Settings/environment, and to keep
it with sync with /System/Links/Environment/Cache contents, in a way shown
in /System/Settings/bashrc.

OK, could someone explain, why it has been working earlier, when I was using
bash as login shell? All the shell scripts are spawning their own sh shells
anyway, so what exactly makes the difference, when, for example, I was
starting Firefox from a menu of IceWM (not typing "firefox" at the command
line)? Where that startup-scripts were taking the entire set of environment
variables from, when:

1. /System/Settings/environment was empty, and:
2. sh started in non-interactive mode (and not being a login shell) won't
   read any config files?

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