[gobolinux-users] [ANN] Scripts 2.10.1, Compile 1.13.1, and BootScripts 2.1.6 released

Michael Homer michael at gobolinux.org
Sun Jan 17 22:30:14 NZDT 2010

Hi all,
Yes, more releases. The changes in all cases are mostly bug fixes, but there 
are also some improvements to the version-handling for alien dependencies 
contributed by Kevin Quick, and new Aliens support for the Cabal system.

There is a new BootScripts release this time around as well, long overdue. It 
contains no urgent changes, but does have fixes to work when you have something 
other than Bash as /bin/sh. Scripts and Compile have only minor fixes apart 
from the Aliens improvements already mentioned. We now have Aliens support for 
LuaRocks, CPAN, RubyGems, and Cabal, with more hopefully on the way.

The packages are available now from gobolinux.org, and will propagate to the 
other mirrors in the next few minutes and hours. You can use `InstallPackage 
Scripts 2.10.1`, `InstallPackage Compile 1.13.1`, and `InstallPackage 
BootScripts 2.1.6` to fetch them. Please report any bugs you encounter in the 
bug tracker and request help either on the mailing lists or the forums.

Changelogs follow.

2010-01-11 16:03  mohjive

       * Resources/Defaults/Settings/Scripts/CompatibilityList,
         Resources/Dependencies, bin/PrepareProgram: Ported from 015
         Do not break quoted options passed as arguments to
         Fix installation of man files for autotools projects that have
         not adopted FHS yet.
         Remove Python 3.x from dependencies range.
         It's ok to have Util-Linux-NG as a replacement for Util-Linux but
         the opposite is not true because of libblkid.

2010-01-08 22:30  mwh

       * Functions/Archive: Fix Archive to handle oddly-named files using
         file like it tries to, which requires keeping the full path

2010-01-06 00:40  lucasvr

       * bin/CreateRootlessEnvironment: Add missing '$' to variable.
         Closes bug #418.

2010-01-04 03:45  mwh

       * bin/Alien-Cabal: Add Alien-Cabal from Kevin Quick, which will be
         usable once the new GHC recipe is available.

2010-01-04 03:39  mwh

       * bin/Alien-LuaRocks, bin/Alien-RubyGems: Update RubyGems and
         LuaRocks Alien (but not CPAN) wrappers for new versioning. Patch
         from Kevin Quick.

2010-01-04 03:38  mwh

       * bin/CheckDependencies: Ask before installing Alien dependencies
         as well. Patch from Kevin Quick.

2010-01-04 03:37  mwh

       * bin/Alien: Better version handling for Alien dependencies. Patch
         from Kevin Quick.

2010-01-04 03:36  mwh

       * src/FindDependencies.c: Alien support for FindDependencies. Patch
         from Kevin Quick.

2009-12-29 23:16  mwh

       * src/CommandNotFound.c: Typo

2010-01-11 15:52  mohjive

       * Resources/Dependencies, bin/Compile: $LIBTOOL should be passed as
         make variable if set in the environment.
         Do not use $archsubdir until set.
         Take Python 3.x out of the dependency range.

2010-01-04 03:41  mwh

       * bin/Compile: Compile support for Alien versioning. Patch from
         Kevin Quick.

2009-12-30 22:34  mwh

       * Functions/BuildType_cabal: Finding Setup.{l,}hs needs to happen
         after fetching and unpacking, so put it in cabal_do_configuration
         instead of init

2009-12-28 21:30  mwh

       * Resources/Dependencies: Fix Scripts dependency to >=

2009-12-28 06:29  mwh

       * Resources/Dependencies, bin/Compile: Bump minimum Scripts version

2009-12-23 10:17  mohjive

       * Functions/BuildType_cabal: Make detection of cabal_setup file
         look in $sourcedir explicitly as we can't be sure where we are
         wen cabal_init() is run.
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