[gobolinux-users] Bug in InstallPackage?

Daed Lee daed at thoughtsofcode.com
Mon Jan 25 02:30:48 NZDT 2010

Hi, when I pass the --no-dependencies option to InstallPackage, it
still prompts me to install dependencies. Shouldn't they be skipped?
This is on Rootless on Ubuntu if that matters.

daed at localhost ~]InstallPackage --batch --no-dependencies Compile
InstallPackage: Locating a binary package for Compile ...
InstallPackage: Downloading package to /tmp/Compile--1.13.1--i686.tar.bz2.


InstallPackage: Installing Compile, version 1.13.1.


SymlinkProgram: Done.
InstallPackage: Checking dependencies...

CheckDependencies: BinUtils is not installed.
CheckDependencies: Install official_package for BinUtils 2.19 or skip
this dependency? [I]Install/[S]Skip/[IA]Install All/[SA]Skip All

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