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Fri Jan 29 21:00:48 NZDT 2010

Personally, for the most part I agree with him.
However, I think he misses the point in defining major obstacles to Gobo's
community enlargement and distro's expansion.
The biggest hurdle is the lack of substance, not form. I mean, it's been
almost two years since the last release. C'mon, face it - unless you are a
distro developer yourself - you would be far better with something more
robust, supported and up to date. And from this root stems everything else:
there is no any palpable roadmap, as far as users are concerned; the devs
are mostly confined to their mailing list (being the obsolete means of
communication itself, as I pointed yet several years before) and to
themselves - they are not frequent on their blogs or forum (except Michael,
kudos to him) and thus there is an overwhelming feel of desertion and decay
that will certainly discourage all but the most devoted fans.
Refurbishing the webpage and forum won't help a lot unless there is some
restructuring in the development and communication ideology. It is not the
users who drive the engine, it's the devs. If they play dead, the distro
So, what can be done to fix this sorry state of things?
1. For the love of <your supreme being here>, have 015 released already or
at least announce some specific date!
2. Set a predictable release ideology, be it rolling- or
timely-Ubunty-style. Don't be afraid of producing simple iso-update releases
(say every month or two), since these help to keep the newcomers flowing and
pinpoint many bugs early on.
3. Have a visible and up-to-date roadmap with clear milestones.
4. Define some ideological principles of this distro, besides FSH, so it
doesn't feel purely experimental. Explain users what particular niche Gobo
fills and what future lies ahead of it. PC-BSD is a good example of such
project management.
5. Provide some step-by-step guidelines on how to build Gobo, following LFS
book. Heck, it might be even a book itself in the same vein. Not only it
might help influence the FSH standard changing in future (I know that you
don't care, but still) but it will definitely help people understand better
how Gobo works and become Gobo-developers themselves. Not to mention the
64-bit build and some other interesting derivatives, that could be produced
following such cause.
6. Define a clear "How to become a Gobo-developer" manual. Here is a good
example how it should look like -
7. Drop the DIY-stance, especially on forums. I mean, if users propose or
request some improvement, at least pretend you are considering it. Not
everyone can be a developer to implement it themselves - most of us are
simply well-wishing and sympathetic followers.
8. Discuss, discuss, discuss. The blogs are there for a reason. If you are a
dev - get your thoughts and ideas there. It doesn't have to take several
pages - keep it several paragraphs but update frequently. The same goes to
forums. How do you expect anyone to lurk there if the devs care only about
their precious mailing-lists?


On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:46 AM, Michael Homer <michael at gobolinux.org>wrote:

> [This was sent to me directly; I pass it on without comment (for now).
> Discuss?]
> I'll just get to the point,
> The biggest problem to this distribution is a sloppy webpage and forum
> which prevents community to get bigger...
> distribution itself has a BIG potential, mentioned on
> distrowatch/phoronix/linuxtoday/desktoplinux  but it can't expand
> because of those disadvantages..
> Every person wants to have some place in community and the best start
> is forum. You have your profile, people exchange knowledge, people
> debate, promote, suggest, they get reputation for helping etc..
> I want to keep it short,
> http://forum.kde.org/
> http://forum.mandriva.com/
> http://gnomesupport.org/forums/
> http://www.kdevelop.org/phorum5/index.php
> the same goes for their webpages and it has a big impact on the
> overall product, lack of feeling that being there means something, and
> that's better to use software everybody talks about.
> You're making changes (file structure in my mind) that's should
> attract new and existing linux users but where to?
> New users won't stay, no point in that, they always have something to
> ask and where would they do that? On forum who has one active member?
> On mailing lists?
> Existing (moderate) users won't stay, no point either, between who can
> they exchange their knowledge? Development team? Yeah, right...
> Anyway, I'm a linux user for years, but windows programmer (it's job,
> it's paid) but lately I just want to push some ideas.
> You have a nice one, and somebody has to say something...
> In a year from now, hopefully, I'll have enough funds to start my
> company, and well, one part will surely be concentrating on linux
> (actually those funds are just for the bad times if nothing goes well
> with linux projects), distribution or just software, who knows, maybe
> I'll just merge somewhere...Until then, I have to start somewhere,
> and, well, this is it.
> Making new webpage and forum (phpbb with custom theme)  - one week
> Making new distribution that would follow new page and forum...well
> you tell me...
> From time to time somebody points to gobolinux, but there it
> stops...bad webpage, bad forum, almost two years without a
> release...and that's it...
> Just wait for the next wave and grab it...Please..
> I really think gobolinux is/was making a good progress and I hope you
> will reply with some nice informations...
> With apologies for my bad English,
> Petar
> [ed: later message:]
> I don't mind if you pass it on,
> I stopped because of the same reason,
> If I can't find right person to send this mail how could some average
> user would?
> Thx
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