[gobolinux-users] FW: Well...gobolinux community

Cosmin Apreutesei cosmin.apreutesei at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 23:59:59 NZDT 2010

> 7. Drop the DIY-stance, especially on forums. I mean, if users propose or
> request some improvement, at least pretend you are considering it. Not
> everyone can be a developer to implement it themselves - most of us are
> simply well-wishing and sympathetic followers.

Well gobo _is_ the DIY kind of distro, whether intentional or not. It
gives you just enough rope to be able to keep it clean and up to date
yourself so you can be independent of the distro's own future or
provided packages. It's also simple enough so you can hack on your own
private fork whatever feats you want. This means it's trading
stability for choice and control, something only advanced users and
programmers need and appreciate. And even if you wanted to, you can't
keep ignorant to its internals for too long because of
stability/documentation issues.

I'm not sure the gobo devs identify this kind of users as their main
target, but I wish they did and focus on them. How? By making/keeping
Scripts and Compile hackable and transparent to programmers (i.e.
keeping indirection and abstraction low and modularization high --
bash is horribly complex/slow enough as it is).

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