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Eric Alan Solo sambarino1337 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 03:15:14 NZDT 2010

i dont think you know what your are talking about. there are a team of
people working on it not just the creator. they are working on the
"aliens" system which will let you install a package from any package
system, it's never been done before and so it's hard to give a

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 4:07 PM,  <thornik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, everybody!
> This painful problem did, do and will appear again in Gobo community, raised
> by many people wishing to improve this numb distro.
> As I asked in forum ( http://forum.gobolinux.org/discussion/281/how-to-create-gobo/ )
> and looking at item 5:
> I> 5. Provide some step-by-step guidelines on how to build Gobo, following LFS
> I> book.
> ...people need way, step by step, how to assemble Gobo distro. But on my request
> I received just ridiculous pretext "read scripts" or some stupid advices out of the deal.
> I'm not guru, but I'm able to divide REAL HELP from useless air shaking.
> Unfortunately, either creator of Gobo forgot how to do it (worst case :) ) or
> he has no time (spending it in "splendid isolation", improving Gobo), in any case Gobo stay at
> the edge where people almost turn their ass to Gobo - obvious result for such behaviour.
> There is no place for second 'Linus', did you get it? Any distro either grows by many enthusiasts
> or die on HDD of creator.
> Funny, I explain it to people who pass 30-years age and still not so smart to understand "community work".
> Our problem is we out of any process and documentation. We don't know booting process, process of links redirection,
> packages management... Hell, which help you expect, giving no info to the people?
> We don't need next goodwill of one vain man (version 15), we need organized COMMUNITY,
> where process never stops because somebody too lazy to check two programs.
> OK, I finished. There is probably ugly, but always fresh Fedora, where nobody sit months, waiting for release -
> how they reach it? Quite simple - distro is driven in organized way by many people.
> Gobo has only fans, no real leader. Pity.
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