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Sat Jan 30 03:21:37 NZDT 2010

Gobolinux is an excellent distro, and I feel the website and forums are great. Any questions/advice/issues I have, I have not had a single problem getting it all taken care of either on the website or the forums. Sure there hasn't been a new release in ages, but it will happen when it's ready. People have lives, and they can't be bothered working on something like this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't exactly have the user base that mandrake and such has, so we're not going to come out with release after release. But Compile and such are always looked upon and updated, and people release a plethora of programs.

In some ways he's right, this distro does have great potential, but I think certain aspects of it are doing just fine and others are doing as well as they could considering.

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Michael Homer wrote:

[This was sent to me directly; I pass it on without comment (for now). Discuss?]

I'll just get to the point,

The biggest problem to this distribution is a sloppy webpage and forum

which prevents community to get bigger...

distribution itself has a BIG potential, mentioned on

distrowatch/phoronix/linuxtoday/desktoplinux  but it can't expand

because of those disadvantages..

Every person wants to have some place in community and the best start

is forum. You have your profile, people exchange knowledge, people

debate, promote, suggest, they get reputation for helping etc..

I want to keep it short,







the same goes for their webpages and it has a big impact on the

overall product, lack of feeling that being there means something, and

that's better to use software everybody talks about.

You're making changes (file structure in my mind) that's should

attract new and existing linux users but where to?

New users won't stay, no point in that, they always have something to

ask and where would they do that? On forum who has one active member?

On mailing lists?

Existing (moderate) users won't stay, no point either, between who can

they exchange their knowledge? Development team? Yeah, right...

Anyway, I'm a linux user for years, but windows programmer (it's job,

it's paid) but lately I just want to push some ideas.

You have a nice one, and somebody has to say something...

In a year from now, hopefully, I'll have enough funds to start my

company, and well, one part will surely be concentrating on linux

(actually those funds are just for the bad times if nothing goes well

with linux projects), distribution or just software, who knows, maybe

I'll just merge somewhere...Until then, I have to start somewhere,

and, well, this is it.

Making new webpage and forum (phpbb with custom theme)  - one week

Making new distribution that would follow new page and forum...well

you tell me...

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