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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Jan 30 14:43:38 NZDT 2010

cc'd to Michael to ask for access to the blog

molfar <molfar.ua at gmail.com>
> [...] the devs
> are mostly confined to their mailing list (being the obsolete means of
> communication itself, as I pointed yet several years before) and to
> themselves - they are not frequent on their blogs or forum (except Michael,
> kudos to him) and thus there is an overwhelming feel of desertion and decay
> that will certainly discourage all but the most devoted fans.

It's not true that devs are "confined" to the devel list.  I've little
time to develop lately (work, council...), but even I'm reading this
email list.  

That given, I'm not surprised if active developers don't want to reply
to soul-destroying criticism like this thread.  If anyone wants to
help, try learning from history: usually, forums don't work unless
they are linked to email lists for those who want them.  I think that
means there's one great solution (GroupServer) which requires more
resources than I currently have to set it up, but maybe someone here
knows how to connect phpbb or similar to an email list?

> So, what can be done to fix this sorry state of things?
> 1. For the love of <your supreme being here>, have 015 released already or
> at least announce some specific date!
> 2. Set a predictable release ideology, be it rolling- or
> timely-Ubunty-style. Don't be afraid of producing simple iso-update releases
> (say every month or two), since these help to keep the newcomers flowing and
> pinpoint many bugs early on.

Give the developers a predictable income, then.  Otherwise, development
will fit in around Real Life.

> 3. Have a visible and up-to-date roadmap with clear milestones.
> 4. Define some ideological principles of this distro, besides FSH, so it
> doesn't feel purely experimental. Explain users what particular niche Gobo
> fills and what future lies ahead of it. PC-BSD is a good example of such
> project management.

I don't know PC-BSD from a hole in the ground and I've no time to study
it just now.  Why is it a good example of project management?

> 7. Drop the DIY-stance, especially on forums. I mean, if users propose or
> request some improvement, at least pretend you are considering it. Not
> everyone can be a developer to implement it themselves - most of us are
> simply well-wishing and sympathetic followers.

This thread does not appear to be well-wishing or sympathetic.  There
simply aren't the resources for forums just now and even if there
were, fragmenting the communication really won't help save resources.

> 8. Discuss, discuss, discuss. The blogs are there for a reason. If you are a
> dev - get your thoughts and ideas there.

I've no idea how.  The blog doesn't even say who to contact.  Let's
try cc'ing Michael, who seems to be the only person listed under
Contributors on it.

> It doesn't have to take several
> pages - keep it several paragraphs but update frequently. The same goes to
> forums. How do you expect anyone to lurk there if the devs care only about
> their precious mailing-lists?

It's not that they're precious, it's that they're cheaper.  I'm sure
this has been explained many times before, but one more try:

Quite aside from the obvious "remember to check a forum" problem,
gobolinux has got devs in Brazil, New Zealand, Sweden, England and
probably many other locations.  When we access our email, it has
already arrived at a location that is close to us and so it's fairly
fast.  But when we access a web forum, someone will have to wait for
the data to trickle across oceans and that's time which is better
spent developing, don't you think?

If you aren't willing/able to do the work to put in a forum which
doesn't screw some developers, then I'm sorry but you will have
to wait for the developers to get some spare time (after next

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