[gobolinux-users] GoboLinux NAS

Samuel A. Falvo II sam.falvo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 16:10:06 NZDT 2010

2010/1/29 Adam Windes <adam_windes at hotmail.com>:
> Just curious if anyone has set up GoboLinux successfully as a NAS? Thinking
> about going with something like FreeNAS, but I like Gobo's filesystem. I
> think I've heard of people using it as a server, but not sure if I've heard
> much with RAID and such. Any comments or suggestions?

Right now, http://www.falvotech.com and http://www.rezurezu.com are
both running on a GoboLinux machine.  Admittedly, it's my box at home,
since I am not willing to pay hosting fees without user justification,
but the box nonetheless is running 014rc2.

(BTW, my home also has some power outages from time to time, so if you
find you cannot reach these sites, that's most likely why.)

My disks aren't RAIDed though.

Samuel A. Falvo II

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