[gobolinux-users] Build gobo 015 from scratch with Compile and Scripts.

Brokolie at vollbio.de Brokolie at vollbio.de
Wed May 5 23:46:52 NZST 2010

Hello GoboUsers,

I used the GoboLinux 014 for a long time before I switched to my new laptop. The Laptop switch was a good point to try the actual ubuntu version, so I did. Now I want to switch back to GoboLinux with the new 015 technology (/System/Aliens, etc..) but the latest iso (http://karlsson.sytes.net/gobo/015/iso/GoboLinux-20100214.iso) will not work on my machine (several SQUASHFS errors).

So is it possible to build a gobolinux 015 system from scratch with help from Compile and Scripts out of my current linux system..? Maybe can you give some help how to start..? Or provide a basic gobo dev toolchain (maybe I can build one if no exist)..?

Thanks in advance..
-- Dominique Juergensen

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