[gobolinux-users] Build gobo 015 from scratch with Compile andScripts.

Rehan rehan.khan at dsl.pipex.com
Thu May 6 06:25:00 NZST 2010

I would be interested in your results with the bootstrap process. I
tried it last year and hit a few snags so if you make some progress that
would be very cool.

As an alternative idea, I have been looking at Firmware Linux (currently
being renamed to Aboriginal Linux) as a bootstrap environment. It is
geared towards embedded development but as it supports any architecture
supported by Quemu it can bootstrap i386 and x86_64 environments.
Creating a Gobolinux bootstrap architecture based on this anyone could
bootstrap Gobolinux without having to depend on someone maintaining a
core set of packages as bootstrap currently requires.

Some interesting features of this approach would be that cross-compiling
and cross-compiling issues would be kept very minimal and that each arch
could be completely natively compiled. Additionally there is support for
ccache and distcc to speed up compile runs.

Firmware linux homepage: http://impactlinux.com/fwl/

The presentation is also very interesting:

Any thoughts?


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> I suppose that neatest way to build Gobo from scratch would be using
> scripts described on embedded.gobolinux.org. Actually, I waiting for
> my own new laptop to arrive today too, and I'm very interested in both
> new Gobo version and bootstrapping it. I would get a MIPS port trough,
> as my machine is Lemote Yeeloong
> (http://www.lemote.com/en/products/Notebook/2010/0310/112.html).
> Anyway, it would be good to try to bootstrap together so that we won't
> stumble upon some problem twice :-)
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