[gobolinux-users] Build gobo 015 from scratch with Compile and Scripts.

Michael Homer michael at gobolinux.org
Thu May 6 10:24:57 NZST 2010

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 11:46 PM,  <Brokolie at vollbio.de> wrote:
> Hello GoboUsers,
> I used the GoboLinux 014 for a long time before I switched to my new laptop. The Laptop switch was a good point to try the actual ubuntu version, so I did. Now I want to switch back to GoboLinux with the new 015 technology (/System/Aliens, etc..) but the latest iso (http://karlsson.sytes.net/gobo/015/iso/GoboLinux-20100214.iso) will not work on my machine (several SQUASHFS errors).
> So is it possible to build a gobolinux 015 system from scratch with help from Compile and Scripts out of my current linux system..? Maybe can you give some help how to start..? Or provide a basic gobo dev toolchain (maybe I can build one if no exist)..?
There is no 015 to build, so the short answer is no.

Your best bet for installing the last prerelease if it won't work as a
CD is to loop-mount the iso and the SquashFS files inside and then do
a manual install (copy the contents into the right place on a new
partition). Bear in mind that it is absolutely not suitable for actual
use, though.

As far as bootstrapping a build from source without a Gobo host
system, it is possible. You can go through LFS, making the appropriate
changes to paths and so forth, until you get to the stage that the
tools work in your environment, and from there build normally. With a
little care you can probably just do the LFS bootstrap work itself and
a little more. You could also get a ChrootCompile environment set up
in a host system and build packages, which you could then extract into
place. Both of those should give pretty much the same result in the
end once you've built everything cleanly.

You won't get an 015 system out of any of those, though if you'd like
to work on getting things there it would be welcome. There is a tools
branch you can use (which hasn't been merged into trunk yet despite
the plans for it), and packages created so far on karlsson.sytes.net.
It probably isn't too far off reaching a usable-if-very-imperfect
state, so it's just a matter of getting the work actually done on it.

Aliens at least is part of the current release, I must point out.

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